Gas Separation

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Gas Separation


separation of gas mixtures into their individual components (or fractions). Gas separation is usually preceded by the drying of gas mixtures and the removal from them of noxious impurities—for example, nitric oxides, which form dangerously explosive compounds with unsatu-rated hydrocarbons; catalytic toxins which prevent the chemical refining of gases; and hydrogen sulfide, water vapor, and several hydrocarbons, which cause corrosion of equipment or which congeal in the equipment at low temperatures.

The principal methods of gas separation are rectification of gases liquefied by deep cooling, absorption and adsorption, and fractional condensation.

Gas separation is widely used in the separation of air and gaseous hydrocarbons. New trends in gas separation technology include chromatography, extractive and azeotropic distillation, and the use of molecular screens and gas centrifuges.


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Name of client : Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production (Oocep) Budget : $500 million Facility type : Oil Sector : Pipeline Status : Construction Location : Musandam Feed : Mott MacDonald Main contractor : Larsen & Toubro, Hyundai Engineering & ConstructionBackground State energy company Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production(Oocep) plans to build a gas separation and oil treatment plant at Musandam in the north of Oman.
An $840mn contract was awarded to Samsung Engineering to build a gas separation plant at the same field yesterday.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Press reports said here today that the South Korean Samsun Engineering won a contract with the amount of $840 million to build a gas separation station.
Under the contract, Siemens shall supply all the key components of the sub-power plant such as gas separation transformers, power transformers, reactors, safety systems and communication devices in addition to other civil and Electromechanical works.
The contract involves drilling two wells, building centers for oil and gas separation and transmission, pumping and gathering systems.
The new facility provides the space and capability for 35 scientists to operate more than 80 instruments in elemental analysis, gas separation, liquid separation, microscopy, molecular characterization, and thermal and mechanical property study.
The Director of the RPC Grasys Hydrocarbon Projects Department Evgeny Eremin says: "In the course of work on this project our company developed certain engineering solutions for helium recovery from the total volume of the natural gas produced in the Kovykta field with the use of membrane technologies (including evaluation of the flow rates for the membrane gas separation plants used for helium production of a given natural gas volume).
The topics include fundamentals of membrane processes, membrane processes for water reclamation and reuse, the importance of pre-treatment to reduce organic fouling in membrane-based desalinization, applying membrane technology for producing wastewater sludge-based bioproducts, limitations of the technology and preventing fouling, and nanomaterial-based membranes for gas separation and water treatment.
His work directly intersects many of the major challenges of our time, such as providing clean water in a more cost-effective and reliable way and developing energy efficient gas separation membrane coatings, based on polymers, for carbon capture and a wide range of other separations.
Microporous polymer membranes for gas separation have been around for decades but have always been subject to a trade-off between permeability and selectivity.
Prosernat Saudi Arabia (PNSA) will also offer services for CO2 capture including process technologies, studies, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up, operation and maintenance for field gas separation, oil desalting and gas treatment facilities including gas dehydration, gas sweetening, NGL recovery, sulfur recovery and modular units in Saudi Arabia.