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Ending routine gas flaring not only stops millions of tons of CO2 going into the atmosphere every year, it can contribute to improving the life of the people who live around gas flare sites.
He stressed that KGOC sets criteria of health, safety, security and environment as a top priority, noting that gas flare rate dropped by 52 percent, from previous 66.
While conducting drilling operations in the Buda Lime Silver Tusk encountered a gas flare of 40 to 70 feet and oil was discharged into the pits at estimated maximum rate of up to 4 barrels per minute with no water.
Managing director of the company Seyed Abdollah Moussavi made the remarks adding the company has also started repairing a 20 inches gas pipeline with the goal of preventing gas flare.
During the early stages of the fire, there was a small explosion when a large gas pipe broke, creating a gas flare and causing a collapse in a small part of the buildings.
For example, the bank's "Global Gas Flare Reduction Partnership," is now poised to push Nigeria, the second largest emitter of C[O.
Normally, operations that produce methane gas flare the waste gases or vent them directly into the atmosphere.
He said he needs no less than US$200 million in order to control the Kirkuk gas flare.
Jay Pryor, managing director of Chevron's Nigeria/Mid-Africa Business Unit, said, "Natural gas flare reduction is a key business driver for the company and the West African Gas Pipeline is one of several projects we have in Nigeria to eliminate the practice of routine associated gas flaring in our areas of operation.
The Company successfully completed all pressure integrity tests of the well, replaced mud by completion brine in the wellbore, and connected the gas flare and surface equipment to the well.
Construction and operation of a combined gas compressor and lean gas flare system:
He added, "We are pleased to have launched the first CDM project in the country as a gas flare recovery project in Safah field, and have Oman Trading International Ltd as the developer and buyer of any potential CERS under the CDM initiative.