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see Wise Men of the EastWise Men of the East,
or Three Kings,
men who came from the East to adore the newborn Jesus. Mat. 2. They were the first to tell Herod of the birth. A star (the Star of Bethlehem) had been a sign for them.
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A mixture of finely ground glass and quartz; a feldspar substitute in some applications and a hard-rubber filler.


, Gaspar
(in Christian tradition) one of the Magi, the other two being Melchior and Balthazar
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Mr Gaspar said the reporter was shot in the chest, while the woman was shot in the head.
Gaspar was interviewed recently during a visit to his boyhood home in Hartford, Connecticut.
Los dos primeros se ocupan de la biografia y la formacion intelectual de Gaspar de Villagra; en otras palabras, en los determinantes de la genesis de la Historia de la nuevo Mexico.
Gaspar said of his goal: "I tried to finish off the attack and the ball just went where it had to go.
Skeleton Warriors is a property that is near and dear to my heart," explains October Toys co-owner Ayleen Gaspar.
Automating overhauled consumer disclosures for estimating loan costs and providing closing information by itself "isn't rocket science," Gaspar acknowledges.
We are incredibly grateful for the grant, which will be used to construct a purpose-built five-storey structure to house the 13,000 square-metre centre," Gaspar said.
Para ello, don Francisco conto con los testimonios de cinco antiguos conquistadores espanoles--Jorge Hernandez, Juan Colon, Diego de Cordoba, Juan de Ledesma y Gaspar Nieto--, asi como con los servicios de Diego Fernandez, que hizo las veces de interprete.
Gaspar has been mandated to postpone, until mid-2014, a report listing the main problems of taxing the digital economy and proposing solutions.
En estas novelas es posible captar dichos fenomenos, ademas de articular una peculiar antinovela de formacion en la cual su protagonista, y doble del autor, Gaspar Ruiz, ronda el limite textual y ontologico de algunos generos literarios y problematiza la formacion de la masculinidad.
En tant que medecin, Lorand Gaspar inscrit son oeuvre creatrice dans une perspective qui est informee par des liens etroits avec les sciences.
Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar warned that failure to continue on the path of austerity could be catastrophic as about 2,000 protesters gathered outside parliament to demand the resignation of the government.