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The Gaspe Economic Development Corporation, known by its French acronym SADC, supplied the researchers with contact information for all the region's firms.
The Gaspe current is also a strong hydrographic feature influencing the study area.
This paper provides a structural analysis of faults affecting Carboniferous rocks in southern Gaspe, which contains the northwesternmost rock exposures of the composite Upper Devonian to Permian Maritimes Basin (Fig.
How the linguistic minorities in the south coast of Gaspe, Quebec and Prince County, Prince Edward Island, contribute to economic growth are reported below.
The Port-Daniel-Gascons cement plant project represents an investment of almost $1 billion, including almost $700 million to be invested in the Gaspe region.
But the alumina was trapped in Gaspe Peninsula clay: local industry had yet to figure out how to extract it.
CUZ) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into a letter of intent (the “LOI”) to acquire 100 per cent interest in a copper project located in the Gaspe Peninsula in the Province of Quebec.
David was born in Hopetown, Quebec, which is on the Gaspe Coast, on 17 November 1945 in the family homestead.
The Gaspesie, which comprises the ports of Gaspe, Perce and Chandler, is an opportunity to cruise along jagged cliffs and outcroppings and at Gaspe to whale-watch.
The Anglican diocese of Quebec and the Roman Catholic diocese of Gaspe "are profoundly disturbed" at the lack of government support for the Matapedia-Gaspe rail line.
Rounding the Gaspe peninsula, Kirke captured a French supply ship and several Basque fishing boats.
Why I like Gaspe, a night under the stars and hockey--each represents freedom, where you can let yourself fly (hockey), let your mind wander (under the stars) and commune with soft breezes, stimulating currents and underworld creatures (ocean).