Gaston Bachelard

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Bachelard, Gaston


Born June 27, 1884, in Bar-sur-Aube; died Oct. 16, 1962. French philosopher who laid the foundation of so-called neorationalism. Member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences (1955).

From 1919 to 1930, Bachelard was professor of physics and chemistry at the College of Bar-sur-Aube. Beginning in 1940 he was head of the department of history and philosophy of science at the Sorbonne and later at the Institute of the History of Science. The basic principle of Bachelard’s philosophy was the concept of “new scientific reason,” which according to Bachelard’s thought, was the expression of the contemporary stage of knowledge. In the spirit of neo-Kantianism, Bachelard argued that an object of scientific knowledge (for example, of contemporary physics) is not a reality but a model that is the result of prior logical and experimental activity. Here the direct facts of nature play the role of “pretexts” for scientific thought, not the role of objects of knowledge (see Le Nouvel Esprit scientifique, Paris, 1934, p. 6). Contact with the real elements of the world is possible by means of creative imagination, which acts through images.


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Del yo colectivo de "Los amantes de Florencia" al yo individual de "Velas al Levante", la poeta elige vias de revelacion donde la historia amorosa sucede mas alla del aserto narrativo y epico en cada bahia poetica y es poderosa revelacion entre el pasado y el resplandor del ensueno, en palabras de Gaston Bachelard, una suerte de nemotecnia de la imaginacion.
Address : Groupement De Commandes Dpartement De L~aube / 25 Collges Publics Dpartementaux / Lyce Gaston Bachelard / Mdph De L~aubecoordonnateur Du Groupement De Commande : Dpartement De L~aube2 Rue Pierre Labonde Bp 394 10026 Troyes Cedex
Recuerdo que Gaston Bachelard propuso alguna vez que la letra a es curativa.
O gesto do artista traz a tona a reflexao sobre o poder das miniaturas abordada extensamente por Gaston Bachelard, alem de dialogar tambem com os escritos de Abraham Moles no que diz respeito a presenca do objeto cotidiano em nossas vidas.
Congolese people had a variety of responses to the shrunken milieu in Equatoria, with one of the most important, at least in A Nervous State, being reverie, a concept Hunt borrows from Gaston Bachelard.
During the 30's Gaston Bachelard, a Physic and Chemical expert that later was interested in philosophy gained relevance as a promoter of the criticism to positivism, using as a starting point the framework of phenomenology.
This is especially evident when she engages the work of spatial theorists like Henri Lefebvre, Gaston Bachelard, and Maurice Merleau-Ponty.
For Gaston Bachelard in The Poetics of Space (1957), the miniature world is a dominated world.
Me acordaba sin saberlo de la Filosofia del no de Gaston Bachelard, lectura sugerida por el profesor antes de su "epoca de madurez".
Place" in Russell's reading encompasses public and personal spaces as well as metaphorical places; stage space is given rather short shrift in favor of an approach to the plays "through theories about the interrelationship between people and the land" (7-8), notably those of phenomenologists Gaston Bachelard (The Poetics of Space) and Edward Casey (Getting Back into Place).
Often unacknowledged, Gaston Bachelard exercised profound influence on Foucault, Deleuze, and the 'post-structuralists.