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see enteritisenteritis
, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Acute enteritis is not usually serious except in infants and older people, in whom the accompanying diarrhea can cause dehydration through the loss of fluids.
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an inflammatory disease of the stomach and small intestine.

In man, gastroenteritis develops as a result of food poisoning, bacterial infection, poor water, diseases (influenza, pneumonia, measles, sepsis), and poisoning by heavy metals, acids, alkalies, and mercury compounds. It occurs in acute and chronic forms. It is also frequently accompanied by affection of the large intestine (gastroenterocolitis). Medical treatment in acute gastroenteritis involves irrigation of the stomach by means of a probe or, alternatively, by an ordinary drink followed by induced vomiting. Hot-water bottles may be applied to the legs, and medicinal therapy is useful in regulating the secretory functions of the stomach and intestine. Treatment in chronic gastroenteritis may include long-term dietotherapy, strict observance of a diet, and medicinal therapy.


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In animals, gastroenteritis is observed in the form of catarrhal, croupous, diphtheritic, hemorrhagic, and phlegmonous inflammations. It is caused by spoiled feeds and acrid chemical and vegetable poisons, and, secondarily, by certain infectious diseases, such as anthrax, pasteurellosis, paratyphoid, plague, and swine erysipelas. Gastroenteritis is manifested by severe depression, weakness, and the excretion of watery feces with an unpleasant odor, mucus, fibrin pellicles, and blood. Colic and elevated temperature are also possible. Medical treatment entails irrigation of the stomach, as well as internal medication, such as laxatives, astringents, disinfectant and bacteriostatic compounds, mucous decoctions, and cardiac agents. Prophylaxis aims at the maintenance of the zoohygienic requirements of animal nutrition.



Inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach and intestine.


inflammation of the stomach and intestines
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The ambulance service realised he had the gastric flu bug which has hit the city and knew that every time a sufferer stands up they faint so they had to call us in to help get him down.
The gig had been postponed as Keith Richards had hurt his finger and I had just got over gastric flu so nearly fainted
Just when she might be winning, gastric flu knocks over her colleagues like nine-pins.
Di Canio missed the Maine Road visit after being struck down by a bout of gastric flu.
Her referral to hospital with pneumococcal meningitis was delayed for two days after an out-of-hours GP told her worried mum, Nicola Lyddon, she had gastric flu.
It was particularly impressive when you consider the sketch's main lady, Charlie Hardwick, had been forced to pull out at the 11th hour due to gastric flu.
Gastric flu then ruled him out of several major championships.
Meanwhile, Gregor Townsend has shaken off his ankle injury quicker than expected - but remains a major doubt for the Glasgow tussle after being floored by a gastric flu bug.
Birchfield Harriers' medal hopes in the women's four-stage event could depend on whether Amanda Wright recovers from gastric flu.
By Wednesday evening he was finally back to his normal self - but only after he'd gone through a violent bout of gastric flu, copious vomiting, frantic journeys to the GP and hospital, and the whole pitiful 'weak kitten' routine that can bring a tear to the eye of even the most stiff-lipped parent.
Cueto did not figure at Franklin's Gardens after going down with gastric flu but is said to be fit to return.