Gavril Dara

Dara, Gavril


Born Jan. 8, 1826, in Palazzo Adriano, Sicily; died Nov. 19, 1885, in Agrigento, Sicily. Albanian poet and public figure in Italy.

Dara participated in the movements of the Carbonari and of G. Garibaldi. Later, in Rome, he directed the publication of the leftist newspaper La riforma (1871–74). His romantic poem The Last Song of Bala (published in 1887; separate complete edition in 1906) glorified the feats of the associates of G. Skanderbeg.


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More within the mainstream of the Albanian tradition are the nineteenth-century writers of La Renaissance nationale in chapter 4: Jeronim De Rada, Gavril Dara i Riu, Zef Serembe, and of course Naim Frasheri, whom most Albanians regard as their "national poet.