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(Azerbaijani for “blue lake”), a lake on the northern slope of the Murovdag (Mrovdag) mountain range in the Azerbaijan SSR; one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the USSR. Area, 0.78 sq km; average depth, 30 m; maximum depth, about 100 m. Located at an elevation of 1,566 m. The lake was formed as the result of a landslide and consequent damming of the Agsu River during an earthquake.

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We believe this is the first step towards making the technology a reality and we looking forward to having the prototype ready by 2020," said Geigel, speaking to Gulf News.
Sus editores Quinones y Geigel Polanco, muy pocos anos despues, estuvieron inmersos en las luchas politicas del pais.
According to Geigel, the pressure-sensitive labels are the outthrow most commonly found in this grade.
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John Geigel, 835th supply branch chief, summed up the operation in two words--"customer satisfaction.
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For physical therapist Jeanne Geigel, connecting with God comes not only in church on Sunday morning but on brisk walks across her hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Geigel Director, Federal Program Liaison Electronic Industries Foundation.
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Two clear examples of the difficult route women have travelled are the noted painter Luisa Ordonez and the sculptor Pilar Geigel, who during the 1940s ended their days in obscurity, the first "overturning her creative talent in such manual labor as construction work, carpentry, and agriculture at an institution"(4) and the latter whose incorporation of the nude figure into her work would earn her reproach as disgraceful, an improper theme for a woman.