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(Azerbaijani for “blue lake”), a lake on the northern slope of the Murovdag (Mrovdag) mountain range in the Azerbaijan SSR; one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the USSR. Area, 0.78 sq km; average depth, 30 m; maximum depth, about 100 m. Located at an elevation of 1,566 m. The lake was formed as the result of a landslide and consequent damming of the Agsu River during an earthquake.

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The German trainer Carla Geigel, who has a broad experience in the field of trademark, will be the speaker.
from Cuba have very restricted distributions (Eckenwalder, 1980; Stevenson, 1987; Gonzalez Geigel, 2003).
Teresita Carrion Geigel, Director of Loteria Electronica said, "We are very pleased to partner with Scientific Games, a company that has proven itself as a leader in the online lottery industry.
John Geigel, 835th supply branch chief, summed up the operation in two words--"customer satisfaction.
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For physical therapist Jeanne Geigel, connecting with God comes not only in church on Sunday morning but on brisk walks across her hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Geigel Director, Federal Program Liaison Electronic Industries Foundation.
Folio's team included: Rob Steel, Marcie Seibert, Mike Geigel, Charles Hordis and Frank Nave.
The company also announced the appointment of Jeffrey Geigel as general manager of Canadian operations.