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(both: gĕl`dərlənd), or


(gĕl`dərz), province (1994 pop. 1,851,400), c.1,940 sq mi (5,000 sq km), E central Netherlands. It borders on Germany in the east. ArnhemArnhem
, Ger. Arnheim, city (1994 pop. 133,670), capital of Gelderland prov., E Netherlands, a port on the Lower Rhine. It is an industrial, transportation, and tourist center. Textiles, electrical equipment, metal goods, and ships are manufactured.
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, the capital, as well as NijmegenNijmegen
, city (1994 pop. 147,018), Gelderland prov., E Netherlands, on the Waal River, near the German border. It is a rail and water transportation point and an industrial center. Its manufactures include metal products, paper, clothing, and soap.
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 and ApeldoornApeldoorn
, city (1994 pop. 149,449), Gelderland prov., central Netherlands. It has a variety of manufactures, including paper. The city is a transportation center and attracts many tourists.
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 are the chief cities. Largely an agricultural region, it is drained by the IJssel River and by the Lower Rhine and Waal rivers, which enclose the Betuwe, a fertile agricultural lowland in the southwest. The Veluwe, west of the IJssel, is an uncultivated, hilly heathland that is popular as a resort area. The region is also used as a military headquarters. The duchy of Gelderland was conquered (1473) by Charles the Bold of Burgundy, after whose death (1477) it regained its independence. It passed to the House of Hapsburg in 1543 and joined (1579) the Union of Utrecht of the Netherlands against Spain. Part of Gelderland, including Geldern, the ducal capital, was ceded (1715) by the Netherlands to Prussia.


, Guelderland
a province of the E Netherlands: formerly a duchy, belonging successively to several different European powers. Capital: Arnhem. Pop.: 1 960 000 (2003 est.). Area: 5014 sq. km (1955 sq. miles)
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While the tea room is unassuming, contemporary elegance in warm colors, and as easily a scene in California as provincial Gelderland, the shop area is undiluted 19th century - ancient wood, brass, the unforgettable scents from rooms where tea and coffee have been sold over the counter for 175 years.
Innovatie- en Investeringsfonds Gelderland (IIG) invests in enterprises in the Province of Gelderland that are knowledge-intensive and contribute to its regional economic development, a.
Live footage of the scene broadcast by Omroep Gelderland showed firemen and ambulances at the scene.
Liander and Endinet are responsible for maintenance, expansion and renewal of their grids in the provinces of Gelderland, Friesland, Noord-Holland and parts of Zuid-Holland, Flevoland and Noord-Brabant.
In an interview with Dutch radio station Omroep Gelderland, the NEC technical director Carlos Aalbers said he was disappointed at the prospect of losing Goossens to Swansea, but admitted it was best for the club that they received a transfer fee for the midfielder.
Arnhem is the capital of the province of Gelderland, while neighbouring Nijmegen, just 12 miles away, is the country's oldest city.
Born in Drempt, Gelderland on August 12,1983, at the age of 10 he joined Dutch side De Graafschap.
The province of Gelderland has provided financial assistance to the project.
Information: Moniek Zuurbier, Public Health Services Gelderland Midden, PO Box 5364, EJ Arnhem 6802 The Netherlands, +31-26-3773780, e-mail: moniek.
Ledger plays lowly squire William Thatcher, who lives out his childhood dream of becoming a knight by passing himself off in a series of jousting competitions as Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland.
Represented this year are Arx, Castelijn Collection, Designum, Frame, Gelderland Collection, Leolux, Lourens Fisher, Montis, UMS/Pastoe, Van Vesouw Tapijt and Young.