Gen 2

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Gen 2

(1) (GENeration 2) The second version of a product.

(2) The second generation air interface for communication between an RFID reader and tag, administered by GS1 EPCglobal ( It deals with the modulation scheme, packet structure, command language and methods for dealing with collision.

Ratified in 2005, Gen 2 was a major enhancement that standardized on a single data link protocol and included support for worldwide spectrum regulations. It added read/write and tag disable functions, interoperability between devices and the ability for readers to work in close proximity to each other. See RFID and EPC.

Tags were given class numbers before Gen 2 was introduced and before the term Gen 1 was coined to refer to the earlier tags and protocols. Although Gen 1 tags are expected to fade into history, there were numerous articles written that mention them. Following is an approximate summary.
        TagGen 1   Type  Bits  Features

 Class 0  P   64-96  Read only, Locked*
                      security tag

 Class 0+ P   64-96  R/W and WORM

 Class 1  P   64-96

 Gen 2 (All classes can be locked) 

 Class 1  P   96-496  Commonly used

 Class 2  P   96-496  Authentication

 Class 3  SP  96-496  Integrated sensing

 Class 4  A   96-496  Ad hoc networking

 P=passive;  SP=semi-passive;  A=active
 RO=read only;  R/W=rewritable
 WORM=write once read many
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com/r/pokemongo/comments/5uyswv/guide_which_candy_to_save_for_later_gens/) Reddit user thepearloather  recently took the time to list and come up with a guide for Trainers who will go on a PokAaAaAeA@Hunt now th the Gen 2 Update is here.
Em relacao ao diametro do pseudocaule ao nivel do solo (DPNS), destacaram-se os genotipos GEN 22, GEN 19, GEN 12, GEN 13, GEN 2, GEN 18, GEN 11, GEN 3 e GEN 6, com maiores medias, que formaram um grupo diferente dos demais genotipos.
This Gen 2 PHY began to be called SATA II by the press in the market.
EPCglobal is happy to begin work on extending the very successful EPCglobal Gen 2 standard to support the healthcare industry," said Chris Adcock, president of EPCglobal.
The new label, made specifically for tracking products at the item-level, leverages Gen 2 UHF technology and works on historically challenging items such as unique packaging designs, liquids and metallic products.
Designed to focus more on ROI, performance and improved processes, RSI's "Super" Gen 2 labels are built on a formula separate from the standard Gen 2 labels the company announced earlier this year.
Retailers such as METRO Group have already committed to implementing Gen 2 RFID technology in their supply chain management systems.
Alien will also offer a special Gen 2 training course, entitled Introduction to Class 1 Gen 2 for the European Market, for attendees to RFID Europe 2005.
RSI ID Technologies (RSI), one of the nation's only vertically integrated providers of RFID technology that allows customers to tag, scan and track information, today announced that it is offering finished, fully validated Gen 2 RFID labels under 15 cents per label for volume orders, with a roadmap for pricing under 10 cents per label by December 2006 for customers that make a 12-24 month commitment for Gen 2 label orders.
With Gen 2 products presenting more powerful and complex capabilities, the need for an intelligent edge layer to orchestrate smart reader/device networks for business processes is greater than ever.
RSI has experience building more than 20 million RFID tags, and expects to produce approximately 100 million Gen 2 labels in 2006, ramping total production to approximately 300 million labels per year by 2007.
This joint effort is aimed at ensuring interoperability and accelerating market deployment of Gen 2 products, such as labels, hardware and system solutions, to offer multiple sourcing for implementations of RFID throughout the world.