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people generations

Following are time frames that have been coined based on people's relationship to computers and electronics.

Baby Boomers - 1946-1964
More than 76 million baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 in the U.S. Older baby boomers were raised without desktop computers, and many did not even have TVs as children.

Generation X - 1960s-1970s
The name was coined as a result of a study of young people's attitudes in England in 1964 by Jane Deverson. The generation X period saw the rise of hippies and countercultures across the Western world. By the time older gen-X'ers became teenagers, the personal computer revolution had begun.

Generation Y - Early 1980s-Early 2000s
In Western cultures, gen Y'ers were brought up in the age of personal computers and electronic gadgets. Also called "millenials."

Generation Z - After 1990
Also called the "Net Generation," these individuals were exposed as children to the Internet along with wireless and mobile technologies and social networking. Gen Z'ers take electronic wizardry for granted.

iPhone Generation - After 2008
People who cannot live without their iPhones, Androids or other smartphones glued to their hands all day.
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Nearly nine in 10 (87%) customers overall indicate receiving communications from their insurer via their preferred method-up 2 percentage points from 2014-compared with 81 percent among Gen Y customers, which is an increase of 5 percentage points.
30% of Gen Y said that their primary investment objective was protecting principal/not losing money, only marginally smaller than those who said their primary goal was growing assets, at 34%.
Managers will appear more effective to Gen Y workers if incentives are a greater part of their transactions.
The study also shows that, along with lower transaction prices, Gen Y buyers prefer manual transmissions - a striking contrast with other generations.
Research shows that Gen Y agents prefer to multitask, want consistent and frequent feedback on their performance and want to be able to set their own work schedules," said Matt McConnell, president and CEO for Knowlagent.
One-fourth (25 percent) of Gen Y customers indicate they would rather talk to someone in person or over the phone to discuss price changes, and 23 percent indicate they prefer in person or over the phone rather than the website channel when they have questions about their policy coverage.
The research shows Gen Y workers require continuous and instantaneous feedback from management, yet dislike an authoritative management style," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Henry as saying.
They go by many names: Echo Boomers, Millennials, Gen Next and Gen Y.
Perhaps of most relevance to this article, two recent studies have been conducted that concern Gen Y as an employee in the hospitality and tourism industries.
In fact, roughly half of Gen Y consider themselves 'regular cell phone users' (PC Magazine).
Economic factors like insurance costs, fuel economy and long-term vehicle maintenance are even more obvious to Gen Y male buyers.
Retailers' ability to tailor benefits to attract Gen Y will also be a key point of differentiation within a competitive workforce.