people generations

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people generations

Following are time frames that have been coined based on people's relationship to computers and electronics.

Baby Boomers - 1946-1964
More than 76 million baby boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 in the U.S. Older baby boomers were raised without desktop computers, and many did not even have TVs as children.

Generation X - 1960s-1970s
The name was coined as a result of a study of young people's attitudes in England in 1964 by Jane Deverson. The generation X period saw the rise of hippies and countercultures across the Western world. By the time older gen-X'ers became teenagers, the personal computer revolution had begun.

Generation Y - Early 1980s-Early 2000s
In Western cultures, gen Y'ers were brought up in the age of personal computers and electronic gadgets. Also called "millenials."

Generation Z - After 1990
Also called the "Net Generation," these individuals were exposed as children to the Internet along with wireless and mobile technologies and social networking. Gen Z'ers take electronic wizardry for granted.

iPhone Generation - After 2008
People who cannot live without their iPhones, Androids or other smartphones glued to their hands all day.
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Growing up with the internet has made Gen Z more collaborative, and concepts such as crowdsourcing and open platform education are seen as the obvious and most efficient way to solve problems.
Growing up with the internet as an ever-present resource has made Gen Z naturally more collaborative and this means that concepts such as crowd-sourcing and open platform education are seen not as innovations, but as the obvious and most efficient way to solve problems.
The parents of Gen Z, on the other hand, certainly think the youth of today are at an advantage, with 72 per cent saying they wish they had had the same opportunities when they were younger, and many admitting they are jealous of the experiences of digital natives.
In addition to summer jobs and allowance, 11% of Gen Z will primarily rely on their savings this summer, parents report, while 6% will earn money from (non-steady) odd jobs such as helping out their grandparents or neighbors.
Gen Z: Chefs Everyday: Millennials' passion for food-related adventures is undeniable, but Gen Z, the demographic group born after Millennials (1995 to present day), brings an entire new set of food values to the kitchen table.
Parents of Gen Z struggle to pay own college debt and save for their kids' college
Ranging from age 13 to 22, Gen Z may seem too young to be thinking about their financial futures, but these up-and-coming investors are well aware of the importance of money, and not surprisingly, among their top financial concerns are affording college (39%) and having a large student loan balance (39%).
This generation has seen their parents struggle to pay back their own student loans - 58 percent of Gen Z parents who were surveyed said they took out their own student loans, and of these, 43 percent are still paying them back.
When it comes to concerns about the economy, Gen Z and Parents said they are worried about the same things: their #1 concern is jobs and unemployment, mentioned spontaneously by 1 out of every 4 survey respondents.
Increased tuition costs and a bleak job outlook may be a cause for concern to some Gen Z teenagers, young adults and their parents, but being proactive and coming up with a savings strategy early on can help ease some of these financial anxieties," said Carrie Braxdale, managing director, investor services, TD Ameritrade, Inc.
And, when asked what they would do with an extra $500, 55 percent of Gen Z respondents spontaneously replied that they would save it, with another 11 percent saving it specifically for college.
Speak their language with the new Tween-Teen collection of birthday cards, available now in the American Greetings card aisle, that combines trendy artwork and fun, innovative features with relevant messaging that appeals to Gen Z.