executors and administrators

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executors and administrators.

An executor is the person designated in the willwill,
in law, document expressing the wishes of a person (known as a testator) concerning the disposition of her property after her death. If a person dies intestate, i.e.
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 of a deceased person to carry out the provisions of the will. An administrator is the person appointed by a probate court to perform the identical functions if the will does not name any executors or if those who were named executors are not capable of performing the function or are dead. An administrator is also appointed in the case of the death without a will (intestate) of any person who owns property. Those chosen representatives collect the assets and pay the debts of the estate and then distribute what remains to those who are entitled by provisions of the will or by law. To allow performance of these duties the title to the personal property passes to the executor or administrator, rather than to the beneficiaries. The administrator derives his title from the court through his letters of administration. The executor's source of title is the will itself. Besides being the defendants in any suits brought against the estate, the representatives are also authorized to bring actions to compensate the estate for damage suffered before or after death. Administration is not necessary if the heirs, the creditors of the estate, and all others interested in the estate agree to the settlement of debts and the distribution of the property. Under modern statutes, priority of right to be administrator depends largely on nearness of relation to the deceased. Where no relative applies for papers of administration, creditors, public administrators, or suitable strangers may be appointed administrator. One is ineligible to act as an administrator by reason of being an infant, insane, or lacking ordinary integrity. Illiteracy, lack of business experience, immorality, or adverse interests are not disqualifications. The executor or administrator must, in some states, post a bond for honest and faithful discharge of his duties. After he has paid the legacies and otherwise followed the directions of the will so far as legally possible, the court will discharge him if his accounting is correct and he has shown himself to have acted honestly and in good faith; otherwise his bond may be forfeited, and he is made liable to suit.
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Here they come under some restrictions; they have to conform to the ordinary rules for trapping, and to submit to such restraints, and to take part in such general duties, as are established for the good order and safety of the camp.
Any police officer can now be deployed to do traffic work as well as general duties in the latest directive by the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet.
More than 570 tasers have now been rolled out across Victoria to general duties and highway patrol officers, who have undergone a two-day training course.
Jayampathy joined Sri LankaAir Force on March 5, 1982 as an officer cadet and was commissioned as a Pilot Officer in General Duties branch of No 4 Squadron Sri LankaAir Force (SLAF).
Ian Bewley a volunteer instructor with the Army Cadet Force at Rossett said the cadets, ranging from 12-18 years old, took part in parades, and helped out with other general duties including handing out refreshments, programmes and souvenirs to some of the 10,000 guests.
He also observed that more doctors were assigned for night duties as compared to general duties.
General duties include shortening/lengthening trousers and jacket sleeves, and reducing/ increasing waist, thighs and side seams.
are at least three radically different general duties that need to be
This should include things like how often she can call her family, her general duties, break periods etc.
Glamorous young Princess Margaret is due to open a missile factory, but Morse is kept far away on general duties, until someone finds a dead body on the shop floor.
Air Marshal Farhat Hussain Khan was commissioned in General Duties (Pilot) Branch of PAF on 06 March, 1977.
Andrew Daniels and Anthony Jefferson, both from Redcar, were appointed and began work as general duties operatives.
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