General Electric

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General Electric

(GE) A US company that manufactured computers from 1956 until 1970, when it sold its computer division to Honeywell and left the computer business. Notable GE computers were the GE-265, which supported the Dartmouth Time-sharing System (DTSS), and the GE-645 used for Multics development.

See also GCOS.

Not to be confused with the General Electric Company (GEC) in the UK (where FOLDOC's first seeds were sown).
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Rumsey joins CPV after more than five years leading the New York electric grid operator's external affairs activities and 10 years of successful public affairs experience with General Electric Corporate, Nuclear, and Power and Water divisions.
General Electric Corporate stated that ceases are coming to the Greenville facility, in the statemet by GE, company also stated that it's looking at ways for diminishing the cost across the global Power & Water Business in order to "retain our competitiveness in a tough marketplace".
The delegation also included Kursat Ozkan, Corporate Regional Executive, Karan Bhattia, Vice President General Electric Corporate and Lorenzo Simonelli, Vice President General Electric Rail.
Edelstein of General Electric Corporate Research & Development in Schenectady, N.
Although most of us enjoy a variety of foreign cuisines in stateside restaurants, be prepared to encounter the unusual abroad, such as the fish-eye soup General Electric Corporate Auditor Marc D.
C-Mold blow molding and thermoforming software originated with the PITA/STAT program developed in 1986 for internal use by General Electric Corporate R&D in Schenectady, N.
Falco also was a General Electric Corporate Officer.
His previous positions included Chief Financial Officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) for Fluke, a division of Danaher Corporation, and EMEA Controller for General Electric Corporate.
Powell of the General Electric Corporate Research and Development Center in Schenectady, N.
Muse worked at General Electric Corporate Research and brings a wealth of experience in the area of image processing, image compression, video compression, audio compression, mass storage file systems, wireless LAN/WAN, bluetooth and speech recognition.
Reed is a General Electric Corporate certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, has 10 patent filings with six patents issued, and earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Union College.
Prior to joining Iomega, Muse worked in areas of optimization, fracture mechanics, structural mechanics, and fluid structure interaction dynamics at General Electric Corporate Research and Development and at General Electric Nuclear Energy.

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