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General Monck led 6,000 men, part of Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army, on the march to Parliament 350 years ago.
A militia bill was introduced in the Canadian legislature in 1862, prodded by Governor General Monck and supported by the Macdonald-Cartier coalition.
Cromwell's right-hand man in Scotland, General Monck, plundered Dundee after the Civil War to crush continuing royalist support in the city, and then commandeered 60 ships to take home a precious cargo of gold and silver and other loot.
Us Englishmen can go some way to making amends for what General Monck did all those years ago.
1659 - General Monck, Cromwell's right-hand man, offers Charles II the crown.
If you are willing to forgive a stinker at Epsom last time (even allowing for the German rider going off at sprint pace), the 10-1 with Chandlers is worth saving on, though I'm not convinced he will get things his own way with other front runners, General Monck, Lord Advocate, Mr Fortywinks, Polar Champ and Lemon Bridge in the line-up.
THE decision to experiment with GENERAL MONCK over two miles last time didn't work.
1 Alexander Brome greeting "the returning general Monck in 1659," quoted by Hirst, 150.
Capt Hayhurst added: "The 1660 march itself has great historical significance as General Monck overturned the Government of the day and placed a new one in power that asked King Charles the Second to come out of exile in France and take the British throne as a constitutional monarch.
He is, in British terms, General Monck and Charles II combined.

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