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General Plan


(1) A general plan for the development of a city is a scientifically based long-range plan for urban development (with respect to an old city, a plan for its reconstruction and further development). In the USSR a general plan is worked out for a period of 25 to 30 years; after it is approved by the Council of Ministers of the USSR (or the council of ministers of a union republic, oblast, or krai executive committee), it is the chief city-building document on the basis of which specific projects for planning and building the city are drawn up.

(2) A general plan for an industrial enterprise is one of the most important parts of the design for an industrial enterprise and contains integrated solutions to questions dealing with the planning and organization of public amenities and facilities on the territory; the distribution of buildings, installations, means of transportation, and the engineering network; the organization of the systems of auxiliary services for the plant and the personnel; and the location of the enterprise in the industrial region (hub).

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The general plan may be illustrated by the Iphigenia.
The daily journals of Hamburg, Frankfort, Baden, Munich, and Augsburg are all constructed on the same general plan.
We have seen that the members of the same class, independently of their habits of life, resemble each other in the general plan of their organisation.
A common practice is, to bind an orange-leaf or a bit of black plaster to each temple: and a still more general plan is, to split a bean into halves, moisten them, and place one on each temple, where they will easily adhere.
We must differentiate between what he did in London as part of his general plan of action, when he was pressed for moments and had to arrange as best he could.
GPA: to change the General Plan Land Use Map designation of the project site from Light Industrial to Low-Medium Density Residential;
Burbank officials expressed similar concerns as they are working to update the housing element of the city general plan - Burbank's basic master plan for development.
This initiative contains hundreds of complex changes in our County General Plan, but was written behind closed doors, without public hearings or environmental review," said former County Planning Commissioner Rex Lindsay, speaking on behalf of The Alliance for Housing and the Environment, a citizens' group opposing the initiative.
The West Hollywood City Council will hold a study session for proposed amendments to the General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Zoning Map regarding the establishment of a Mixed-Use Overlay Zone, and adoption of the associated Mitigated Negative Declaration.
The draft report says the shopping centers would conflict with some provisions of Palmdale's General Plan, the city's design for future development, and would significantly encourage further development in the area.
Once approved, the VNY Master Plan will be incorporated into the City's General Plan as an amendment.
In addition to his experience of dealing with planning commissions from his work as an architect, MacPherson also had spent the past few months as a member of the city's ad hoc committee for the general plan update.

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