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General Plan


(1) A general plan for the development of a city is a scientifically based long-range plan for urban development (with respect to an old city, a plan for its reconstruction and further development). In the USSR a general plan is worked out for a period of 25 to 30 years; after it is approved by the Council of Ministers of the USSR (or the council of ministers of a union republic, oblast, or krai executive committee), it is the chief city-building document on the basis of which specific projects for planning and building the city are drawn up.

(2) A general plan for an industrial enterprise is one of the most important parts of the design for an industrial enterprise and contains integrated solutions to questions dealing with the planning and organization of public amenities and facilities on the territory; the distribution of buildings, installations, means of transportation, and the engineering network; the organization of the systems of auxiliary services for the plant and the personnel; and the location of the enterprise in the industrial region (hub).

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We have asked assistance from the government in preparation of the general plan.
However, every element must be compatible with other elements and with the General Plan as a whole; so in other words, policies in one element should not conflict with policies in another.
The general plan of the Civil Defense for Hajj season this year, aims to take all appropriate measures to protect pilgrims and citizens, to provide safety for them from all risks of accidents and disasters, and to protect public and private properties by executing the best ways in coordination with all competent authorities.
The session also evaluated the PACI general plan for 2011, in addition to discussing PACI productive, marketing and media plans as the agenda of the session included the PACI general plan for 2012.
Also, IPP are to inform establishment management that if it finds that this general plan is suitable for its needs, the establishment can use the general plan as its food defense plan.
prepares and maintains a general plan, which is a comprehensive declaration of purposes, policies, and programs for the development of the City;
Summary: LISCO will execute the general plan for increasing production from 1.
When Rosemary Smith read in a July edition of this golf column that Tom Bagley was researching for a book on the 100th anniversary of Oak Hill Country Club in Fitchburg, she knew she had found a home for a document her husband had stumbled upon nearly 30 years ago - the general plan of the club's original front nine designed by Wayne Stiles.
Tom played a major role in the development of the city when he worked on the general plan during his time on the City Council.
To understand a community's plan for their future development, one need only to read their General Plan.
A general plan becomes a sort of identity card, a time-limited passport for society, for the city of Kaliningrad'.
The utility industry also contends that the UISP proposal fails to address the threshold question underlying the general plan doctrine: What is rehabilitated, modernized or improved by virtue of the expenditure?

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