General Statute

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General Statute


regulations for the Russian state civil service in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The General Statute was drafted with the participation of Peter I the Great and issued on Feb. 28, 1720. It defined the duties of the collegium officials (the president, vice-president, collegium members, the secretary, notary, translator, and others), the procedure governing the examination of matters in the collegiums, the organization of clerical work, and the relations between the collegiums and the Senate and local government organizations. In addition to the General Statute, there were further regulations governing the State Office and the collegiums for the navy, trade, revenue, and mining and industry. Regulation in minute detail of the activities of institutions and their officials was a characteristic feature of the absolute monarchy of the 18th century. The General Statute lost its importance when the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire was issued in 1833.


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Such deposit of cash or certified or cashier%s check may be held by the City until the successful Bidder has executed and delivered the Contract Documents, including performance and payment bond, to the City of Durham and returned or kept in accordance with North Carolina General Statute 143-129.
The firm appealed and the appellate court upheld the trial court, ruling that the applicable statute-of-limitations period may be found in either the three-year residual tort statute, the six-year breach-of-contract statute or the six-year general statute of limitations.
Prior case law had held that, absent a controlling statute to the contrary, the provisions of the contract may provide a time period for bringing an action that is less than that prescribed in the general statute of limitations, provided that the shorter period of limitations is reasonable.
Erwin of the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, who presided over the trial, entered an order finding the defendants in violation of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and North Carolina General Statute 75-1.
Between 1884 and 1921, the general statute remained virtually unchanged and was the only enactment concerning attorneys, agents and other persons representing claimants before the Treasury Department Following the Revenue Acts of 1918 and 1919, a number of circulars dating back as far as 1886 were combined with other statutes into a singular Treasury Departmental Circular known as Circular #230.
North Carolina General Statute 95-98 makes null and void any collective bargaining agreements between the state and its employees.
The court noted that whether the prisoner had an obligation to pay filing fees was to be determined solely by whether he qualified for in forma pauperis status under the general statute.
Until now, there has been no general statute which says that these freedoms are guaranteed.
Under Connecticut General Statute 29-357, any person age 16 or older can buy, sell and use handheld and ground-based sparkling devices that are nonexplosive and nonaerial and do not contain more than 100 grams of pyrotechnic mixture.
The general statute of limitations (SOL) for assessment found in Sec.
maintains its lawful rights as set forth under the general statute and per the agreement signed with Jabal Omar.
Liz Proctor, public information officer for the North Carolina Secretary of State, said that the requirement is a state law, part of North Carolina General Statute 131F, the Solicitation of Contributions statute, meaning it would take the legislature, which imposed it in the first place, to remove it.

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