General Statute

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General Statute


regulations for the Russian state civil service in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The General Statute was drafted with the participation of Peter I the Great and issued on Feb. 28, 1720. It defined the duties of the collegium officials (the president, vice-president, collegium members, the secretary, notary, translator, and others), the procedure governing the examination of matters in the collegiums, the organization of clerical work, and the relations between the collegiums and the Senate and local government organizations. In addition to the General Statute, there were further regulations governing the State Office and the collegiums for the navy, trade, revenue, and mining and industry. Regulation in minute detail of the activities of institutions and their officials was a characteristic feature of the absolute monarchy of the 18th century. The General Statute lost its importance when the Code of Laws of the Russian Empire was issued in 1833.


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The court relied on North Carolina General Statute [section]44A-18 that grants a subcontractor a lien upon funds owed to the contractor or subcontractor with whom the subcontractor had dealt, arising out of the improvements on which the subcontractor had worked or furnished materials.
Another well-known private attorney general statute is California's
With laws such as General Statute 95-98, a state of injustice exists in North Carolina.
Moreover, the North Dakota court held that the fact that an accountant did not have a lien at common law does not prevent the accountant from acquiring a lien under a general statute, creating a possessory lien, provided the facts under which the lien is claimed fulfill the conditions of the statute.
The supreme court then turned to the question of whether the six-year general statute of limitations or the two-year statute for malpractice actions applied and concluded that since accountants, as a profession; have increasingly been subject to common-law malpractice actions, the relevant statute of limitations for accounting malpractice was exclusively the two-year statute.
As the next section describes, however, Congress has enacted a general statute of limitations which potentially applies to TSCA enforcement.
Erwin of the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, who presided over the trial, entered an order finding the defendants in violation of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and North Carolina General Statute 75-1.
One answer might be found in the rule that states "where two statutory provisions are in conflict, the specific statute controls the general statute [and] the more recently enacted statute controls the older statute.
Most other states have a general statute of limitations ranging from three to five years, as shown in Exhibit 1.
111) If the government charged a defendant with conspiracy to violate subsections (a), (b), or (c) under the general statute, the period of limitations would run from the last overt act done to affect the objective (or abandonment, frustration, or withdrawal) of the conspiracy.
He revealed that around 12 Arab countries ratified the general statute of
The general statute of limitations (SOL) for assessment found in Sec.

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