General contractor

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General contractor

The building contractor who has legal responsibility for the entire construction project and who coordinates the work of all the subcontractors.

general contractor

The prime contractor who is responsible for most of the work at the construction site, including that performed by the subcontractors.
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This comprises residential general contractors with less than $15 million in yearly receipts and less than $3 million for any given project; commercial general contractors with below $45 million in annual receipts and less than $15 million for any given project.
Lancaster, FAIA, launched a new registration program for general contractors who build one-, two- and three-family homes.
Further, the contract between the owner and general contractor should state either: a) it is the general contractor's responsibility to require any subcontractors to provide evidence of workers compensation coverage, or b) if the general contractor does not require such insurance of subcontractors, they, the general contractor, understands they are statutorily responsible for the injury to any of the subcontractor's employees.
When the named parties sign and cash the joint check, the general contractor has fulfilled its contractual and statutory obligations to pay both the subcontractor and the supplier.
Most frustrating, say IT, academic computing, and AV specialists from schools around the country, is that they rarely have any input into the selection of either the architect or general contractor.
A subcontractor on a public works project can only be required to indemnify the general contractor with whom it contracts, and the general contractor's officers and employees, for the acts of the subcontractor and its lower tier subcontractors and suppliers.
When the general contractor paid Quantum, Quantum gave Amos the remaining 40%, less its 4% fee, or $10,080.
Specific negotiating strategies for getting better terms from general contractors in the current economy
Lot 2 General contractor for the complete medical technology equipment of a one-plane angiography workstation for radiology / cardiology.
In that case, the general contractor filed a complaint in the Superior Court, Chancery Division challenging the validity of the lien of one of its subcontractors as defective and willfully overstated.
The district has taken sole control of the work, even though taxpayers are paying a general contractor to oversee Proposition BB bond projects.
Have you ever met a general contractor who did not claim to be ethical and honest?

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