General contractor

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General contractor

The building contractor who has legal responsibility for the entire construction project and who coordinates the work of all the subcontractors.

general contractor

The prime contractor who is responsible for most of the work at the construction site, including that performed by the subcontractors.
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Both are affiliated with the Associated General Contractors of America representing more than 36,000 contractors and construction related companies across the United States.
The industry segments comprise residential home-builders, commercial builders and general contractors involved in residential or commercial remodeling and tenants' improvements.
Arakaki acted as a general contractor on a construction project for the Board of Water Supply in Honolulu, Hawaii (BWS).
General contractors seeking permits to erect one-, two-, or three-family homes must register with the Buildings Department by Oct.
Second, a general contractor is an entity that contracts with a principal (owner) to perform certain tasks and subsequently contracts other entities to perform some of the duties part of the original contract.
The general contractor is entitled to a sum of money, as is the subcontractor, who performed the plumbing work.
The architect's electrical engineer transcribed the information, enabling the general contractors to install discrete cabling for media and IT.
The trial court determined that the general contractor was entitled to its postCCP[ss]998 offer costs.
When the general contractor paid Quantum, Quantum gave Amos the remaining 40%, less its 4% fee, or $10,080.
1994), initially decided that the contract gave the DOT resident engineer the discretion to determine when the general contractor had reached suitable rock foundation, and therefore the contractor was not entitled to damages for additional costs and delay for rock excavation.
In What Construction Lawyers Need to Know Before Negotiating/Drafting Owner and General Contractor Agreements in 2011, ExecSense examines the most up-to-date best practices that other leading construction lawyers have found to be most successful when negotiating and drafting such agreements for 2011.
Our general contractor members range from large, national firms to smaller, specialized companies and build private and public projects worth more than $11 billion annually.

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