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Since the general encyclopedia doesn't contain a special article library automation," a reference librarian who has ploughed through the user's guide can access the "Library" article and opt for an "Outline" by punching the F2 function key.
In 1997, the general encyclopedias on CD-ROM and the current information sources/indexes almost completely dominated the top ten positions.
While general encyclopedias have received lots of press in the past few years, the academic encyclopedias have been given short shrift at best.
In addition to general encyclopedias, several subject encyclopedias exist, such as Facts On File, Inc.
Today, of course, many general encyclopedias are available on the Web.
xreferplus has a slight edge in business and geography, and it also has four general encyclopedias, which Oxford does not.
For simpler and more basic presentations of scientific topics, you may prefer to consult general encyclopedias, such as Britannica [http://www.
Neither do Grolier, Compton's, Encyclopaedia Britannica (though it has some excellent freebies), or World Book (which offers superb sample articles related to current events, such as the article it offered in September about hurricanes), just to name the publishers of the general encyclopedias.
But aside from Microsoft's Encarta '99 DVD-ROM Reference Suite (which includes the Encarta Deluxe Encyclopedia and retails for less than $90) and Microsoft's Encarta Deluxe '99 DVD-ROM Encyclopedia (which lists for less than $60), there are only two other general encyclopedias available: Webster's International DVD-ROM Encyclopedia and Funk & Wagnalls' DVD-ROM Encyclopedia.
In the category of general encyclopedias, your best buys are Encarta '96 and Grolier '96.

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