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1992, Hedgecock 1994); generation time, which has declined during modern times as a result of disease in Crassostrea virginica (Mann & Powell 2007, Powell et al.
Nevertheless, the general degradation of Ang I over time indicates that minimizing the generation time is an important goal for maintaining analytical integrity in the PRA assay.
The procedure also requires reporting of symptom onset of case-patients over intervals on the order of the mean generation time or smaller.
Key words: allometry, birth mass, evolution, fitness, generation time, maternal care, reproductive output, survival patterns, ungulates
James McLaren was another who decided to stand aside to allow the new generation time to prepare for the 2004 Six Nations championship.
It's a full hour before our generation time is up, we've already got an Outstanding in the bag, and it's just a marvelous thing to see.
Segregation patterns and the long generation time of the F1 generation relative to that of the less resistant parent indicated that L-574-1 and CI 13227 share a single major gene that exerts a large effect on generation time.
Dugongs are particularly sensitive to anthropogenic impacts due to their long generation time (females bear their first calves between the ages of 10 and 17 and have a 13-month gestation), and dependence on coastal seagrasses.
Prices for old corrugated containers in the Southeast have increased by one-third in the past three months, which is unprecedented during what is normally the highest material generation time of the year," said Harris DeLoach, Sonoco chairman, president and chief executive officer.
With Cincom, manufacturers have reduced proposal generation time from five days to 15 minutes, decreased time to close a sale by 80 percent, and cut lead times from 14 weeks to six weeks.
The mean generation time is defined as the period of time needed by a population to increase to [R.

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