Genetic Analysis

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Genetic Analysis


the complex of methods for studying the hereditary characteristics of organisms. Genetic analysis includes: (1) The hybridological method, which studies the laws of heredity and also the structure and behavior of genetic structures by means of special forms of crossbreeding. (2) The cytogenetic method, which developed at the junction of genetics and cytology. Its chief task is the establishment of a connection between the laws of inheritance and the structure and function of the chromosomes (composing cytological maps of chromosomes, genomic analysis, and so on). (3) The molecular-genetic method, which was developed in connection with new biochemical and physicochemical methods of analyzing genetic structures. The connection between the molecular structure of the genes and the proteins synthesized in accordance with information contained in them is studied by this method.


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According to university officials, a graduate student and member of the joint research team obtained samples of colon cancer tissue for genetic analysis from a patient at a hospital in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo, where he was posted last spring.
There are several technologies available to perform SNP analysis, and we are gratified that the PSQ 96 System was judged as the one that has the best internal quality control, automated processing capabilities, as well as the most user-friendly system for applied genetic analysis.
For strategic planning purposes, the report includes average lab budgets for genetic analysis products and anticipated growth in FY2011, with specific breakdowns by geographic region and customer segment.
Real-time PCR instruments owned; used for genetic analysis ?
In recent years, doctors at the National Cardiovascular Center in Osaka Prefecture, the state-run Tohoku University in Sendai and Kyushu University in Fukuoka have been accused of using blood samples from local residents undergoing checkups for genetic analysis.
Now that Expression Analysis is a global CSPro partner, we are excited to work with them to make it easier for researchers to access the power of Illumina's genetic analysis technologies.
The company's proprietary technology for on-column detection of DNA and temperature gradient capillary electrophoresis allows SpectruMedix to address an unmet need for high throughput screening for mutations present in DNA samples as well as a number of other genetic analysis applications.
While the genetic analysis for Mc10 and C12 identified a possible recombinant sapovirus strain, the analysis does not clarify which of the two strains was the parent strain and which was the progeny strain.
Genetic analysis of what were once considered three species of Caribbean Acropora coral confirms that one of them is actually a collection of first-generation hybrids of the other two, says Steven V.
Helicos BioSciences Corporation (NASDAQ: HLCS) announced today the introduction of a series of new single molecule sequencing kits and run configurations for the Helicos[R] Genetic Analysis System that will expand its versatility for customers.
STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania, and OMAHA, Nebraska, January 20 /PRNewswire/ -- - Complementary Genetic Analysis Platform Adds Depth to Transgenomic's Product Portfolio
In contrast, a 1998 genetic analysis concluded that lemurs and lorises originated about 87 million years ago.

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