Geneva Conventions

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Geneva Conventions,

series of treaties signed (1864–1949) in Geneva, Switzerland, providing for humane treatment of combatants and civilians in wartime. The first convention, signed by 16 nations, covered the protection of sick and wounded soldiers and medical personnel and facilities, and was instrumental in the development of the International Committee of the Red CrossRed Cross,
international organization concerned with the alleviation of human suffering and the promotion of public health; the world-recognized symbols of mercy and absolute neutrality are the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, and the Red Crystal flags and emblems.
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. Later conventions extended (1906) the first to naval warfare and covered (1929) the treatment of prisoners of warprisoner of war,
in international law, person captured by a belligerent while fighting in the military. International law includes rules on the treatment of prisoners of war but extends protection only to combatants.
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. As a result of World War II, particularly of the conduct of Germany and Japan, four conventions were adopted in 1949 to strengthen and codify earlier treaties and safeguard civilians. Amendments have since been made through additional protocols.
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Theinternational community considers the establishment of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories illegal under international law, however Israel maintains that they are consistent with international law because it does not agree that the fourth geneva convention applies to the territories occupied in the 1967 six-day war.
Additional Protocols to the 1949 Geneva Conventions were opened for
Switzerland, as the depositary of the Geneva Conventions, said "the state of Palestine" acceded to the conventions effective April 2 -- 25 years after Palestinians first sought membership.
Recalling the Swiss Federal Council conferences' failure to sufficiently lay out concrete measures to be undertaken by all the High Contracting Parties in order for them to ensure Israel's compliance with the Geneva Conventions according to common Article 1 back in 1999 and 2001, PHROC stressed the importance of taking such concrete measures.
Mansour said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has asked Switzerland-as the depository for Geneva Conventions-to convene a meeting of the parties to the 4th Geneva Convention on the protection of civilian persons in time of war.
The Declaration Of Commitment to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, now endorsed by 148 UN Member States, reaffirms that sexual violence in conflict is a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions and their first Additional Protocol.
In the main, the rules for American use of force are contained in the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and subsequent treaties to which the Nation is a party or, as in the case of some articles of the 1977 Protocols Additional to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, which Washington regards as accurate statements of the customary international law of armed conflict.
It is prohibited under the Geneva Conventions to murder detainees, UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville said.
WASHINGTON, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A new American Red Cross survey reveals that only 1 in 5 American youth is familiar with the Geneva Conventions, while 4 in 5 think that the U.
As president, I'll close Guantanamo, reject the Military Commissions Act, and adhere to the Geneva Conventions.
26 (ANI): The British military has been training interrogators in techniques that include threats, sensory deprivation and enforced nakedness in an apparent breach of the Geneva conventions.
British military interrogators have been trained to use techniques that appear to defy the Geneva conventions, a newspaper in the UK has reported.

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