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see GenoaGenoa
, Ital. Genova, city (1991 pop. 678,771), capital of Genoa prov. and of Liguria, NW Italy, on the Ligurian Sea. Beautifully situated on the Italian Riviera, it is the chief seaport of Italy and rivals Marseilles, France, as the leading Mediterranean port.
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, Italy.


An old statistical package still in use on some VM computers.
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Lazard Middle Market served as adviser to Genova for the transaction.
Finally, said de Genova, "If I were [Pollard's] lawyer, I would bring all those wonderful high-powered individuals --Dr.
Acrogonia terminalis Young, 1968: Se presento de Febrero a Agosto en la hierba del papayal en el Fundo Genova.
All members are invited to write the board regarding their knowledge of Genova, particularly in relation to his character and fitness for readmission.
The plant is also expected to create 75 off-site support positions, Genova said.
Genova, like other exhibitors, is affected by the bear market.
The 5-ounce variety of Genova solid light tuna in olive oil was distributed in January and February.
14 November 2013 - US private equity firms Nautic Partners LLC and Ferrer Freeman & Company LLC said they had sold medical lab Genova Diagnostics Inc to Levine Leichtman Capital Partners and part of Genova's management, without disclosing financial details.
GENova is positioning itself as a leading bioscience company in the development and commercial licensing of novel therapeutic proteins that disrupt the advance of life-threatening cancers.
SAN DIEGO -- Consumers looking for all-natural, healthful protein sources with gourmet flavor need not look further than Chicken of the Sea International's new Genova brand of premium, Italian-style tuna and salmon.
Genova Diagnosticsa[euro](tm) chief executive and chairman Ted Hull said that through the deal the company will be able to expand its geographic footprint.
Genova articulated his vision for the company's polymer materials to challenge silicon and other crystal materials such as lithium niobate and gallium arsenide for technology leadership in the 21st century.