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Brit History a man of gentle birth, who was entitled to bear arms, ranking above a yeoman in social position



(Russian, dzhentl’men). (1) A man of “well-born” origins, a nobleman. This usage is now considered obsolete.

(2) In Great Britain and other English-speaking countries, a man who strictly adheres to the bourgeois “society” rules of behavior and observes so-called good form.

(3) A polite form of address to men in English-speaking countries. In the figurative sense a gentleman is a man who has been well brought up.

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In that second season, he shot into the headlines at Royal Ascot, providing Coventry Stakes winner Cawstons Clown and Gentilhombre, who won the Cork and Orrery.
The best British effort is a share of the spoils in the Abbaye as Gentilhombre (Neil Adam/Terry McKeown) dead-heats with Mendip Man (Aage Paul/Alfred Gibert).
He scores on The Happy Hooker (Peter Cundell) in the seven-furlong handicap, Gentilhombre (Neil Adam) in the sprint, and Forget's Image (Henry Cecil) in the seller-and Chasseur (Ryan Jarvis) completes his big day in the mile maiden, beating stablemate Boom Boom (John Matthias).
Two of those wins had come on Pipalong before Kieren Fallon took over on Wednesday, and he says there is very little between the pair, both of whom he rates "in a different league" to such good two-year-olds as Gentilhombre and Mandrake Major.
De analoga forma, Alejandro Dumas, en su supuestamente autobiografico relato Los gentilhombres de Sierra Morena, habla de lo dificil que resulta que la vision de una ciudad se acompase con la idea previa que en ella se busca: ni una Cordoba clasica, gotica o musulmana, sino, simplemente, una ciudad espanola.