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Brit History a man of gentle birth, who was entitled to bear arms, ranking above a yeoman in social position



(Russian, dzhentl’men). (1) A man of “well-born” origins, a nobleman. This usage is now considered obsolete.

(2) In Great Britain and other English-speaking countries, a man who strictly adheres to the bourgeois “society” rules of behavior and observes so-called good form.

(3) A polite form of address to men in English-speaking countries. In the figurative sense a gentleman is a man who has been well brought up.

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As a reader, then, one has to wonder what this discussion of Waugh's early work actually contributes to Gopinath's overarching argument about the 'post-gentleman'--Waugh certainly does not offer alternatives or new approaches to gentlemanliness.
6) On intersections between gentlemanliness and scholarliness, see Steven Shapin, ' "A Scholar and a Gentleman": The Problematic Identity of the Scientific Practitioner in Early Modern England', History of Science, 29 (1991), 279-327; Heidi Hansson, 'The Gentleman's North: Lord Dufferin and the Beginnings of Arctic Tourism', Studies in Travel Writing, 13:1 (2009), 61-73.
Characters "chew on" ideas that fail to provide "nourishment" or become "food for melancholy" (156, 158); they "feed" on various things and persons and "swallow down" gentlemanliness and class (157, 161).
Forthcoming qualitative research on these groups suggests that there are growing cultures among BGLO undergraduates that extol anti-intellectualism, hyper-masculinity, thuggishness and promiscuity over scholarship and gentlemanliness.
The setup smacks of faux Nell Simon, but her flummoxed reaction is genuinely amusing, and his unaffected gentlemanliness is pleasantly surprising.
While acknowledging that "Lucas's preoccupation with business debt and repayment" defines him as an economic agent equal to the white Gavin and liberates the black man from the paternalistic race relations based on "debt of honor" (53), Dussere also stresses Lucas's simultaneous containment in the Southern social system: "Because Lucas's insistence upon repayment is presented within the context of his Southern gentlemanliness, because his authority to insist is derived from his aristocratic lineage, he is able to make such a demand without actually challenging the structure of honor" (54).
For that is what people would have thought who had been raised in an honor culture based on the principle that gentlemanliness and decency both demanded a condescending respect by the strong for the weak.
Here was a man of immense intellect who would have made an indelible mark in any sphere, and his passing will be hugely mourned as much for his innate gentlemanliness, humility and his ingenuity and originality as for his well-documented administrative accomplishments.
These include gentlemanliness versus commonness, manliness versus womanliness, and maturity versus boyishness, though Low is at pains to stress the complexity of the simultaneous interaction of these modes of identity.
The Galenic discourse of the passions that she has been tracing throughout the book expresses the literal determinant of gentlemanliness.
To make "taste" rather than rank the standard for gentlemanliness is, of course, as potentially revolutionary a proposition as universal enfranchisement.
It's easy to vilify those involved (especially Chelski whose idea of gentlemanliness is to throw loadsacash at anything that moves) and listen with bated breath to doom-laden warnings of the 'sport' disintegrating if Cole succeeds in an appeal.