Geodetic Network

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Geodetic Network


a system of points on the earth’s surface, the location of each being fixed in relation to the others by means of some unified system of coordinates and altitudes above sea level on the basis of geodetic measurement.

The coordinates of the geodetic points of the geodetic network are determined mainly by the method of triangulation or of polygonometry. Data supplied by artificial earth satellites are also used to fix the coordinates of points of the geodetic network. The satellite is regarded as a traveling carrier of coordinates or as an intermediate point serving to transmit coordinates for great distances. The altitudes of points of the geodetic network are determined by methods of leveling. The points of the geodetic network are secured at their location by geodetic markers. The geodetic points are the basis for the mapping of the earth’s surface and for measurements at sites in connection with various engineering surveys and economic undertakings.


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Extending first-order geodetic control for any geodetic network required incremental advances at the edge of the network in question and a physical presence on the surface for at least the instant that any given geodetic point was "occupied.
Scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say they solved the largest set of mathematical equations ever attempted when they recently finished a 12-year project to recompute the national geodetic network, which consists of 250,000 precisely measured points on the earth's surface.
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In the territory of Lithuania, points of the triangular geodetic network were formed in the year 1942; while points of the GPS network of the class 0 and the class 1 were formed in the year 1993 and repeatedly measured in the year 2007.