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the science of the mechanical states of the earth’s crust and the processes developing in it as a result of various natural physical effects. The most important physical effects are thermal (cooling, heating) and mechanical (attraction of the masses of the earth and other celestial bodies, centrifugal forces generated by the earth’s rotation).

The purpose of geomechanics is to explain past processes and forecast the development of forthcoming ones involving changes in the stress and deformational state of various sections of the earth’s crust: its solid, liquid, and gaseous phases. The principal task of geomechanics is to establish objective regularities in the formation of the mechanical properties of rocks and in the processes of the redistribution of stresses, deformation, movement, destruction, and stabilization of sections of the earth’s crust. Geomechanics was conceived as a branch of geophysics at the turn of the 20th century on the boundary between geology and mechanics and is especially closely associated with engineering geology, the mechanics of continuous media, hydromechanics, gas mechanics, and thermodynamics. The methods of these sciences are widely used in geomechanical research.


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Recently the procedure for projecting the technological-industrial zone in Struga finished while the geomechanics and hydrological research for forming a zone in Radovis are in its final stage and after the end of this phase and property expropriation, the zone will be formed.
I am confident Dhahran Techno Valley will actively create the optimal ecosystem for this new center which, in turn, is expected to offer research opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and researchers in different focus areas, ranging from petrophysics, drilling, geomechanics, fluids and production technology," Al-Sultan said, noting almost all the available slots have already been taken.
The commitment of this centre to offer research opportunities for students and post-graduates in different focus areas, ranging from petrophysics, drilling, geomechanics, fluids and production technology is important to the continued success of the Techno-Valley," said Dr Khaled Al Sultan, rector of the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.
The lectureship in computational geomechanics is being taken up by Dr Will Coombs, a first-class MEng graduate from Durham, who will use "advanced stress analysis and fracture mechanics research" to form an idea of the characteristics and potential of a reservoir.
Key words: numerical analysis, finite volume method, geomechanics, elasto-plastic deformation