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The geometric factor n is calculated from IEEE Std 80 Equation 85:
n is a geometric factor (as derived above in the mesh voltage calculation)
Assuming that the geometric factor, [OMEGA], and the illumination, [I.
If this perturbation changes the magnetic state of nearby susceptible material, then the geometric factor would also change.
A zero-field voltage/velocity measurement made after the force test produced a geometric factor that agreed with the force measurement within a noise level of 5 X [10.
processes, Variance in material lots, Effects of surface finish, heat treating, shot peening, and other geometric factors, Effects of corrosive or high-temperature environments, Compliance with quality, safety, and cost effectiveness requirements.
This accuracy is affected by geometric factors (geometrical parameters accuracy) and non-geometric factors (gear backlashes, encoder resolution, flexibility of links, thermal effects, etc.
General topics include micromechanics (including a review of tension test materials for thin films and a paper on microstructural and geometric factors influencing the mechanical failure of polysilicon for MEMS), MEMS devices (including the design and fabrication of an optical-MEMS sensor and relative resistance chemical sensors built on micro-hotplate platforms),and MEMS materials and processes (including the influence of materials on the performance limits of microactuators and a novel fabrication process for the integration of MEMS devices with thick, amorphous soft magnetic field concentrators.
In this study computational methods were incorporated to model the geometric factors and thermodynamic parameters of polyalanine.
Recognition of these geometric factors provides a new approach to describing the interaction of macromolecules with one another.