Geometric style

Geometric style,

in architecture: see Decorated styleDecorated style,
name applied to the second period of English Gothic architecture from the late 13th to the mid-14th cent. The basic structural elements developed during the Early English style (late 12th and 13th cent.) were retained, but their decoration became more elaborate.
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Geometric style

The early development of the decorative age of English architecture characterized by the geometrical forms of its window tracery.

Geometric Style


in art, one of the early stages in the development of ancient Greek art during the ninth and eighth centuries B.C. Vase painting in geometric style attained a high level of artistic mastery. The clear and structured decoration on a vase decorated in the geometric style is composed of horizontal bands of various designs, including frets, crosses, and circles. In the mature geometric style (Dipylon vases of the eighth century B.C.) there were also simple, strongly geometrical drawings of men. A related style can often be seen in small sculpture and reliefs on carved jewelry ornamentation.


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Geometric style

The early development of the Decorated style of English Gothic architecture, in the first half of the 14th cent., characterized by the geometrical forms of its window tracery.
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