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A transducer, used in seismic work, that responds to motion of the ground at a location on or below the surface of the earth.



a receiver for sound waves that propagate through the upper layers of the earth’s crust. It consists of a housing containing a heavy weight mounted elastically between two thin, flexible metallic plates. The acoustic vibrations that are propagating through the ground cause the housing—which is in contact with the ground—to move whereas the heavy weight, because of its inertia, remains motionless.

In earlier geophone designs the inert mass was attached to a diaphragm that divided the inside of the housing into two sections; the displacements of the diaphragm relative to the housing produced alternate compressions and rarefactions on both sides that were transmitted through tubes to the ears of the observer. Modern geophones (prospecting seismographs) are equipped with electromechanical transducers (which convert ground vibrations into electrical current oscillations), an amplifier, and a recording loop oscillograph. They are used in acoustic prospecting for minerals, in military actions to listen to sappers’ operations, and in mine rescue operations. Geophones that function on the vibrograph principle are frequently used. Geophones using a piezoelectric quartz crystal as the basic element to detect acoustic waves of a specific length are called piezogeophones.

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Figure 7a presents raw recorded values of PPV on geophone probe 29Z fixed in rock mass near the tested arch support and Figure 7b the results of the recorded and weighted values of [PPV.
The seismic waves generated by this shot travelled down and along different refractor boundaries, only the refracted energies are detected by the geophones [9].
The geophone assemblies at a fixed separation are used so that interval velocities can be determined from the same set of impulses.
The tasks of extracting information from records and transferring it to the time distance graphs were very complicated due to the poor quality of the seismic signals, resulting from prevailing weather conditions (wind) in the study area combined with the terrain's extreme unevenness which hampered geophone deployment.
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USSI's new fiber optic geophone was recently awarded the coveted 2010 Oil & Gas Industry Innovation of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan, the world leader in technology, market, customer, and economic research.
Frontline Defense Systems1 Dragon Sense mini unattended ground sensor contains both a geophone and a microphone to detect and classify movement of people, vehicles, low flying aircraft and someone digging.
Special ist Andrew Watson, of Mines Rescue Ser v ice, said a listening device called a geophone had already been used to listen for knocking sounds from the pit.
The technology uses geophone sensors (electronic sensors that pick up seismic vibrations) and corresponding interpretive software that can be used to detect hidden persons (e.
One goal of the Mushara experiment was to develop a remote census technique using geophone arrays to count elephants and other animals.
The successful project assessed the operational efficiency of different deployment configurations, provided operational metrics to gauge performance, and supplied data quality comparisons with coincident geophone arrays.