Geophysical Observatory

Geophysical Observatory


a scientific research institution that is concerned with the study of individual geophysical problems. The first geophysical observatories were established at Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) in 1836 and Tbilisi in 1837 as magnetic and meteorological observatories for the mining industry. In 1884 another one was organized at Irkutsk, and in 1912 another at Vladivostok. In 1849 the Central Geophysical Observatory was founded at St. Petersburg; along with a broad program of geophysical studies, it exercised systematic scientific and methodological guidance over the observatories and meteorological stations. During Soviet rule, geophysical observatories have been established at Kiev, Minsk, Odessa, Kuibyshev, Tashkent, Alma-Ata, and other locations.

In view of the increasing demands of the national economy, the direction of work on terrestrial magnetism was entrusted in 1940 to the newly created Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism (now the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, the Ionosphere, and Radio Wave Propagation of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR), which supervises the special magnetic and ionospheric observatories and stations. The geophysical observatories, which were under the control of the Central Administration of the Hydrometeorological Service, have been reorganized into hydrometeorological observatories.


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There was no report of damage from the point of origin of the quake, which is thinly populated, Chris McKee, assistant director at PNG's Geophysical Observatory Office in Port Mores, told (http://www.
Tender announced by NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION,United states under the project funded by National Science Foundation for Management and Operation of the National Geophysical Observatory for Geoscience.
Chris McKee, from the PNG Geophysical Observatory in Port Moresby, said: "We're not sure at the moment whether there has been any damage but it was a long way off the coast.
There were no immediate reports of waves being seen and no reports of damage, said Chris McKee, assistant director Geophysical Observatory in the capital, Port Moresby.
5-magnitude quake, said Chris McKee, assistant director of the Geophysical Observatory in the capital, Port Moresby.
There were no reports of damage or injuries, said Chris McKee, assistant director Geophysical Observatory in the capital, Port Moresby.
counterparts on establishment of Geophysical Observatory in Tajikistan in line with international standards.
Chris McKee from the PNG Geophysical Observatory said officials had not yet been able to make contact with those on remote and isolated Bougainville island.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not issue a tsunami alert and the Geophysical Observatory in the capital, Port Moresby, had not received any reports of damage or unusual wave activity.
Geomagnetic data processing is carried out using Nurmijarvi (Finland) Geophysical Observatory variometer data, which is in Tartu (Estonia) Observatory.
The first tiltmeters working since thirty years in Low Silesian Geophysical Observatory are horizontal pendulums (Chojnicki - Weiss, 2003).

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