George Cayley

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Cayley, George


Born Dec. 27, 1773, in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England; died Dec. 15, 1857, in Brompton Hall, Yorkshire. English scientist and inventor.

From 1809 to 1811, Cayley published descriptions of the principles of flight for a glider and an airplane, as well as the results of his aerodynamic research on models and devices. Subsequent works proposed methods for providing flight stability. Cayley explained the role of the tail group and the importance of minimizing weight and load. From 1849 to 1853, he built two gliders and made a manned flight with one of them. Cayley developed a wheel with wire spokes (the prototype of the bicycle wheel) and proposed several types of internal combustion engines (1805). He patented a crawler track for transport machines in 1825. Cayley was also concerned with research in such areas as scientific education, acoustics, ballistics, optics, electricity, and railroad equipment.


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