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In George's case the voice had not whispered; it had shouted.
A warm and prickly sensation began to manifest itself in the region of George's forehead.
Perhaps this is the night when George finally talks himself into using something stronger than a toy gun, and that it takes George's action to finally crack Martha open and let the poison leech out.
Under George's leadership, Agriliance has developed a unified vision, mission and culture, and has delivered solid business performance and financial results.
George's kidnapper (the man with the yellow hat) then spirits him away to a boat, waiting off the coast, and ferries him across the ocean.
It's Big George's birthday and his five sons--all named George--set out to make it a truly special occasion.
Other characters include real-life figures, like George's tragic drag pal Marilyn, and composites of other people in George's life, such as Culture Club drummer (and George's ex) Jon Moss.
On George's Web site, you can also see a special section devoted to children and art, which will soon include art made by children from all over the world.
David's very rational in his approach--he thinks through issues," says George's partner Doug McAdam.
NO ONE HAD TO WARN PRINCE JONES about the police department in Prince George's County.
George's biography, as accurate as some of the history in Shakespeare's plays, places his birth in present-day Turkey and assigns a death date around 303 A.