George Brydges Rodney

Rodney, George Brydges


Born February 1718 in London; died there May 24, 1792. British admiral (1778). Bar-on.

Rodney joined the navy in 1732 and in 1739 was promoted to lieutenant. He fought in the war with France from 1744 to 1748. During the Seven Years’ War of 1756–63 he rendered important service commanding a ship of the line. In 1761–62 he seized most of the French possessions in the West Indies. During the North American War of Independence of 1775–83, in which France and Spain opposed Great Britain, Rodney commanded a squadron and in January 1780 defeated the Spanish Navy near Cape Finisterre (northwestern Spain) and Cape St. Vincent (southwestern Portugal). This improved the situation for Gibraltar, which had been blockaded by the Spanish Navy. He routed a French squadron in the battle of Dominica of 1782.

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