George Buchanan

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George Buchanan
BirthplaceKillearn, Stirlingshire, Scotland
historian, scholar

Buchanan, George


Born February 1506; died Sept. 28, 1582. Scottish politician, ecclesiastic reformer, adherent of the bourgeois trend of the Reformation, and historian.

Persecuted for his espousal of the idea of Reformation, Buchanan fled from Scotland in 1539 and returned to his homeland around 1561 after the victory of the Reformation. He turned against the Scottish queen Mary Stuart. After her abdication and flight from Scotland he became tutor of her son, King James VI, the future English king James I. He was the author of a book on the history of Scotland and of treatises in which are found expressions of the idea of struggle against tyranny, in particular, of the right of the people to elect and to depose their rulers.


Rerum Scoticarum historia. Edinburgh, 1582.
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The Earl was appointed also to keep the peace towards the celebrated George Buchanan, who had a pension out of the same Abbacy, to a similar extent, and under the like penalty.
Driver George Buchanan, Royal Field Artillery, was also on leave at that time.
I'm a nasty piece of work but my mum is well-respected here GEORGE BUCHANAN
The brilliant Scot, George Buchanan, is not mentioned, although author of the first history of Scotland and tutor to Mary Queen of Scots.
For example, in "How Andrew Melville Read His George Buchanan," Mason examines the extent to which Melville employed George Buchanan's Rerum Seotiearum Historia in his understanding of Scottish geography into Topographia based on marginalia of an original copy of the Buchanan's work in Melville's possession.
Brown draws on recent work by Michael Newton on Gaelic folk drama and by Bill Findlay and David Bradby on the Latin plays and translations of George Buchanan (1506-1582) to adumbrate the diversity of what may be considered 'Scottish theatre'.
O humanista escoces George Buchanan (1506-1582) marcou bem o seu seculo com uma polifacetada atividade literaria, lado a lado com um percurso de vida bastante atribulado.
This is most definitely not the case with this fine collection on George Buchanan (1506-82).
Their topics include Thomas Campion as a poet between the two worlds of classical and English literature, the student writing of George Herbert and John Milton, chieftain of neo-Latin poets George Buchanan, a sense of place in some Latin works from Glamorgan, and an unpublished and anonymous Irish Jacobite epic on the Williamite War 1688-91.
There are even rumours that tigers have been spotted in the mountains and cameraman George Buchanan is sent up into the Himalayas to look for them, although as he points out: "There are also rumours in Bhutan that there are Yetis.
In the midst of this turmoil, Detroiter George Buchanan invited George Hull on an excursion to Alaska.