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Foreman, George,

1948–, American boxer, b. Marshall, Tex. A high school dropout, Foreman learned to box in the Job Corps. In 1968 he was the Olympic heavyweight gold medalist. Foreman beat Joe FrazierFrazier, Joe
(William Joseph Frazier), 1944–2011, African-American boxer, b. Beaufort, S.C. Known for a brawling style and devastating left hook, "Smokin' Joe" won Olympic gold in 1964 and turned professional the next year.
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 for the world heavyweight crown in 1973 and defended the title twice before losing to Muhammad AliAli, Muhammad
, 1942–2016, American boxer, b. Louisville, Ky. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, he was a 1960 Olympic gold medalist. Shortly after upsetting Sonny Liston in 1964 to become world heavyweight champion, he formalized his association with the Nation of Islam (see
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. He retired to the ministry in 1977, but launched a comeback in 1987, losing a title fight at age 43. In 1994 Foreman knocked out Michael Moorer to win the World Boxing Association (WBA) and International Boxing Federation (IBF) titles and become the world's oldest heavyweight champion, but he was stripped of the WBA crown in 1995 and relinquished the IBF title the same year.

Foreman, George

(1949–  ) boxer; born in Marshall, Texas. Coming from a broken home, he joined the Job Corps (1965–67) while training and boxing as an amateur. He won the gold medal as a heavyweight at the 1968 Olympics, then turned professional in 1969. He held the world heavyweight championship (1973–74) until he was defeated by a resurgent Muhammad Ali in Zaire, Africa. He became an ordained minister in 1977 and devoted his money and energies to community work among poor African-Americans in Texas. Needing more money for his projects, he made a comeback as a heavyweight (1987) that was noted less for his being a serious threat and more for his becoming everyone's favorite boxer. In 1994 he knocked out Michael Moorer in a fight sanctioned by two of the three main boxing organizations to become the oldest heavyweight champion in history.
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Foreman wanted to provide the same kind of opportunities for young people and in 1984 founded The George Foreman Youth & Community Center, which offers scholastic and athletic activities including, of course, boxing.
We believe Northern Foods' record of developing new and innovative products combined with the massive popularity of George Foreman will result in a very successful product launch," commented Efrem Gerszberg, president of George Foreman Enterprises, the former heavyweight champion's licensing firm.
If the average person eats food like my steaks, they can become something wonderful like the next George Foreman or The Beatles," he told us.
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Each month a recipe is selected and the winner receives a new George Foreman Easy-clean Removable Plates grill worth pounds 89.
3 -- color) Today's heavyweight division is a far cry from the days of Joe Frazier, left, George Foreman, center, and Muhuammad Ali.
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When I came back to boxing in the eighties, my main motivation for fighting was to raise money for the George Foreman Youth and Community Center [in Houston, Texas], which I started in 1983.
George Foreman's Knock-Out-the-Fat Barbecue and Grilling Cookbook seemed like a good bet since, having been written by a jock, it looked unthreateningly straightforward and brought back memories of the George Foreman grill that had been a mainstay of my old apartment kitchen.
And if there is a young heavyweight out there who doesn't feel he's getting the recognition he deserves, I say to him, 'Here's George Foreman - let's get it on'.