George Lucas

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George Lucas
George Walton Lucas, Jr.
BirthplaceModesto, California, U.S.
Chairman & CEO of Lucasfilm
EducationModesto Junior College

Lucas, George

(1945–  ) movie director/producer; born in Modesto, Calif. After injuring himself as a high school car racer, he became interested in moviemaking and at the Cinema School of the University of Southern California he made a prize-winning science fiction short, THX-1138 (1965). He became a protégé and assistant of Francis Ford Coppola and was one of the cameramen on the documentary, Gimme Shelter (1970). He turned his student film, THX-1138, into a full-length movie (1971), gained considerable recognition with American Graffiti (1973), and then attained phenomenal success with Star Wars (1977), the first of a series of science fiction films. With virtually unlimited resources as a result of the success of his Star War movies, he became increasingly involved in developing state-of-the-art special effects and in producing the works of other young filmmakers.
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