George Meany

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William George Meany
BirthplaceHarlem, New York City
Labor leader

Meany, George


Born Aug. 16, 1894, in New York. Leader of the right-wing American union movement.

Meany worked as a plumber from 1910 to 1922. From 1922 to 1934 he was one of the leaders of a local section of the plumbers’ union in New York. From 1934 to 1939, Meany was president of the New York State Federation of Labor. From 1940 to 1952 he was secretary-treasurer of the American Federation of Labor (AFL). From 1952 to 1955 he was head of the AFL. In 1955, after the merger of the AFL and the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), Meany became president of the AFL-CIO.

In 1945, Meany spoke out against the AFL’s membership in the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). After the crearion of the reformist International Confederation of Free Trade Unions in 1949, he became the leader of the group’s extreme right wing, which opposed contacts with the WFTU. An advocate of class collaboration, Meany repeatedly declared that workers and entrepreneurs share the same interests in the strengthening of the capitalist system. During the cold war period, Meany was involved in the persecution of progressively minded union members. Meany opposed the relaxation of international tensions.

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In the 1920s George Meany, "a youngster not conspicuously bright or mechanically talented," began his rise in the bureaucracy of the plumbers union, envisioning "an escape from a lifetime of manual labor, mounting bills, and responsibilities," according to Buble.
The George Meany Center for Labor Studies has periodically offered a course in records management for local unions and has produced a records-management manual for distribution to local unions (Bernhardt, 1992).
It details and interweaves the complex transactions of human nature and differences of opinions between allies such as Walter Reuther of the CIO and UAW, George Meany of the AFL, Philip Murray and David McDonald of the Steelworkers, and adversaries such as Roger Though and R.
In America, accepting these ideas defines a politician as an "Old Democrat," though not one Harry Truman or George Meany would recognize--this time line starts in 1972.
He also, at different times, struck up alliances with Norman Thomas and George Meany.
Tom Zaniello is an academic at Northern Kentucky University and an Adjunct Professor with the National Labor College's George Meany Center for Labor Studies.
He succeeded George Meany to the head of the AFL-CIO in 1979, and was ousted in a bitter battle in 1995.
Ching, a brilliant industrialist who was appointed by President Truman to be the first director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service; and such labor leaders as George Meany, president of the AFL-CIO, Philip Murray, former head of the United Steel Workers Union and president of the cio, and John L.
Lewis, Walter Reuther, George Meany and Lane Kirkland among others, but Higgins' minibios of labor leaders are the least impressive features of this book.
The Borrower, the George Meany Center for Labor Studies - The National Labor College, a Maryland non-profit corporation, will be using the bond proceeds to finance the construction, renovation and equipping of new and existing facilities on the Borrower's campus in Montgomery, Maryland.
AFL-CIO and Boy Scouts of America George Meany Award; Friends of the Retarded and Worcester County Deputy Sheriff's Assn.
Buhle argues that the blame for that defection lies, not with the students, but with labour bureaucrats, led by George Meany, who "blocked assorted progressive movements, including the New Left, from mobilizing labor on a massive scale.