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Shelby Stocker, Tennis, George Rogers Clark High School, Winchester
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George Rogers Clark was a military leader during the Revolutionary War in the Ohio Valley.
Version # 1: In Edna Kenton's 1930 Simon Kenton His Life and Period 1755-1836, Kenton and his companion trailed Bird's Forces, ambushed a canoe with four guards and a cannon, killed the guards and captured the cannon that was later used by George Rogers Clark in the invasion of Piqua, Ohio.
George Rogers Clark adjusted and prospered in his unexpected status as national hero; Meriwether Lewis did not.
At the conclusion of the War for Independence, he tried to interest George Rogers Clark, famous for his exploits in the Old Northwest during the war, in leading an expedition to the Pacific.
The explorer George Rogers Clark founded Louisville in 1778, leading a group of pioneers to settle here.
When George Rogers Clark brought settlers down river in 1778, their boats were blocked by the Falls of the Ohio.
Indiana's portion of the celebration will take place in October at the Falls of the Ohio State Park and the George Rogers Clark home site.
Q: I am the gardener at Locust Grove Historic Home (home of George Rogers Clark, explorer and brother to William Clark of Lewis & Clark fame).
The latter are needed badly and the nation was not wrong in honoring Meriwether Lewis and George Rogers Clark, pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh, the astronauts, and others.
Montgomery and the late Dick Wittink, the George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing at the Yale School of Management and editor of Journal of Marketing Research, conducted interviews with MBA students early in the winter quarter of 1978, and used the results to make predictions about the types of jobs the graduates would accept.