George Stubbs

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Stubbs, George,

1724–1806, English painter known for his studies of horses. Self-taught, Stubbs was interested in comparative anatomy and published his Anatomy of the Horse (1766), which is still admired for its accuracy and elegance. It gained him a first-rate career as a painter to the English gentry, specializing in horse portraits, family groups with carriages, and portraits of other domestic animals such as cattle and dogs. His Phaeton and Pair (National Gall., London) is well known. He also painted rural scenes. Stubbs was a skilled engraver and made many sporting prints.


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He said: "It is a very nice example of George Stubbs and a very desirable piece indeed.
These were the kind of scenes depicted by Liverpool-born artist George Stubbs, two of whose paintings are now on loan to the Walker Art Gallery from the Duke of Westminster's Collection.
ANSWERS: 1 Pamplona' 2 The mung bean' 3 The spleen' 4 Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries' 5 When celebrating Holy Communion' 6 Jamaica' 7 Thanksgiving' 8 UN Secretary-General' 9 G' 10 George Stubbs.
It was by George Stubbs, and it showed Pumpkin standing with ears pricked in a field as a young stable boy brings a sieve of oats to feed him.
A year earlier, Wright, 10 years the junior of Liverpool's most famous artist, George Stubbs, had arrived in town, determined to launch a fully fledged career as a portrait painter (although he also did some landscapes and trademark 'candlelight' works).
At the end of June the most significant exhibition on George Stubbs for twenty years opened at the National Gallery, London, to only muted cheers from the press and the public.
uk GEORGE STUBBS View the Duke ofWestminster''s Collection currently on show at the Walker Art Gallery www.
The history of a fabulously wealthy dynasty may not appeal to everyone, but the book is worth a go for its photographs alone, especially those of the art collection which includes paintings by those great equine artists George Stubbs, John Wootton and Ben Marshall.
Bathwick Bruce made his Polytrack debut a winning one for trainer Rod Millman and rider Eddie Ahern by pegging back trailblazing 5-2 favourite George Stubbs close home in the John Menzies PLC Handicap.
The exhibition takes in equine examples from the Derbys' first win of their namesake race in 1787, via George Stubbs, the internationally acclaimed Liverpool-born horse painter of the Georgian era.
This prompted Pin Oak Farm to keep the daughter of Alleged in training, a decision that rewarded them with a win in the Listed 2m George Stubbs Stakes the following year.