Georgi Pavlov

Pavlov, Georgi


Born Mar. 10, 1881, in Kotel; died July 31, 1945, in Sofia. Theoretician and organizer of community veterinary medicine in Bulgaria.

Pavlov studied veterinary science in Italy during 1909. He became a professor in 1928. From 1923 to 1935 he was head of veterinary services of the Ministry of Agriculture, and from 1931 until his death he was head of the subdepartment of veterinary sanitary appraisal at the University of Sofia. Through his efforts, a network of state veterinary hospitals and clinics was organized and a fund for the control of epizootics was created. Pavlov’s scientific works were devoted to veterinary economics, prevention of epizootics, and the history of veterinary science.

Known as a revolutionary and public figure, Pavlov was repeatedly subjected to repression for disseminating socialist ideas. During World War II (1939–45), he was in the resistance movement in Bulgaria. He was the founder and the first president of the Union of Scientific Workers in Bulgaria and an honorary member of the Society for Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship.

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