Georgian Revival

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architectural mode

An inexact classification for buildings that share selected architectural features but, unlike an architectural style, may not share consistency of design, form, or ornamentation with other buildings similarly classified. When such buildings seemingly emulate an earlier prototype (for example, American Colonial Revival), important architectural details that characterize the prototype are often either omitted or exaggerated in size or importance; furthermore, other design elements may be added (such as a type of dormer, chimney, or window) that never existed in the prototype; or characteristic building materials of the prototype may be replaced with newer types of materials. Compare with architectural style.
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The building itself is a work of architectural accomplishment, built in Georgian Revival style by Homblower and Marshall in 1897.
Located in Laurel's historic district, the Georgian Revival building contains more than 2,000 items and 10,000 square feet of galleries and exhibition rooms.
The gallery occupied the north wing of the family's 1897 Georgian Revival mansion on 21st Street in the District of Columbia.
On the way stop off at Hildene, the home of President Abraham Lincoln's son (Robert Todd Lincoln), an amazing house in Georgian revival style built overlooking the Battenkill Valley.
The architectural roots at Traditions of Wayland, an assisted living residence, begin with a Georgian Revival brick mansion, a stately house known as the Paine Estate.
The National Register building of Milford granite constructed in the Georgian Revival style was designed by noted Boston architect R.
They are letting voters decide the 2012 election based on their favorite home - Obama's Georgian revival home in Chicago purchased in 2005 for $1.
Stetson Hall is a 1923 Georgian revival building that includes such showcase pieces as Old English oak wood, Tiffany brass bookcases, ornate wrought iron railings and original spiral staircases.
In an online showdown, the site has invited readers to choose between Romney's 5,400 s/f, 11-acre lakefront New Hampshire estate and Obama's historic, 6,000 s/f, six-bedroom Georgian revival in Chicago's Hyde Park-Kenwood neighborhood.
In 1902, up at 91st Street, the Scots industrialist-turned philanthropist Andrew Carnegie commissioned Babb, Cook and Willard to design his sixty-four-room Georgian revival home with Beaux-Arts detailing, a distinctly Scottish baronial staircase and one of the country's first air-conditioning systems.
The arrangement has proven to be beneficial to both parties as the Whittington family has seen the Georgian revival style house preserved, and the Garden Clubs of Mississippi has acquired a delightful location for state board meetings and other functions.

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