George Best

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Best, George,

1946–2005, Northern Irish soccer play, b. Belfast. Regarded as the greatest player ever in British soccer, he was signed by Manchester United in 1961. He first played for the team in 1963, and helped them win two First Division titles (1965, 1967) and the European Cup (1968). Noted for his deft ball control and fine sense of balance as well as on-field theatrics, he was adored by fans. The excesses of his playboy lifestyle contributed to the early end (1974) of his career with Manchester United, with 178 goals in 466 games. His later play with lesser teams, when he was increasingly hampered by alcoholism, never equaled his decade in the First Division.
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While Jack Grealish is no Georgie Best (below), his demotion to training with the Villa youngsters and omission from yesterday's matchday squad, are punishments that would never have been issued to the Northern Ireland icon.
ON the night Manchester United paid tribute to their original dream boy Georgie Best, the current crop of players turned in a display that threatened to put the fans to sleep.
I still look for the likes of Georgie Best, Tommy Lawton, Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney, etc, but alas.
He may not quite be Georgie Best (below) but the big target man from Enniskillen could achieve something the great man never managed - to represent his country at a major finals.
Their brotherly love ended on Saturdays though - he was an Everton fan, his brother followed the Reds, but both loved Georgie Best and they would go to Old Trafford just to watch him.
Or seeing Georgie Best, a skinny kid from Belfast, make his debut for Manchester United on Match of the Day.
It was mind-blowing to think he was one of us, and watching people like him, Georgie Best , Hurricane Higgins and The Undertones have all that success gave every kid round my way hope that they could make something of themselves too.
I played against Georgie Best, who was a very difficult player to mark because he was as good with his right foot as his left.
I'd rather have been Georgie Best to be honest with you, because he was just amazing to watch, and people remember that.
At one point he looked like Georgie Best with around four players chasing him.
Blood taken from Henri Paul, the driver on that fateful night, was swapped with a sample taken from Georgie Best on the orders of Hattie Jaques who was in the pay of Hannibal Lecter, ticket inspector.
Giving fit, young men large sums of money and casting them into the spotlight is bound to make a few wild, as the great Georgie Best freely admitted.