George Ripley

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Ripley, George


Born Oct. 3, 1802, in Greenfield, Mass.; died July 4, 1880, in New York. American publicist, philosopher, and Utopian socialist.

In 1823, Ripley graduated from Harvard University. He was a minister from 1826 to 1841 but then left the ministry. In 1841 he helped establish the Brook Farm community near Boston. Brook Farm, which in 1844 was incorporated as a phalanx, became a center for disseminating the ideas of C. Fourier in the United States. In 1846, after a fire, the settlement closed.

Ripley translated and published the works of Saint-Simon and C. Fourier in the United States, and from 1845 to 1849 published the Fourierist weekly Harbinger. In 1849 he began working on H. Greeley’s daily, the New York Tribune.