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I'm very excited to see Remedy Geotechnics expanding across the UK and now even finding clients well beyond the UK with our involvement in projects across the world ranging from South America to India.
Broadly defined, geotechnics applies knowledge of earth sciences to engineering that relates to the earth's crust, soil, rocks and other materials.
David Blythe of DAB Geotechnics Ltd, who is working on the project, said: "We're well aware of the geology of the site from previous investigations but, by taking undisturbed samples of the shallow clay deposits that form a covering layer and carrying out specialised testing in a laboratory, we shall be able to better inform the scheme design work that Banks are carrying out.
Inset (top to bottom) Prof J M Blackledge and Sergio Solera, an associate at engineering specialists Arup Geotechnics
16(2) 2012 which contains interesting articles related to applying methods regarding seismic prospecting, geotechnics, geomorphology, seismology and geochemistry in such varied countries as Japan, Turkey, Iran, Nigeria and Cameroon.
Mr Threadgold, who is a chairman at Geotechnics Ltd, based in Torrington Avenue, Coventry, was presented with his certificate by ICE president Richard Coackley.
2 July 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL upheld yesterday the ratings of BBB+ with a "stable" outlook and of P2 on the bank facilities of local DBM Geotechnics & Constructions Pvt Ltd.
Organizers of the event, known as OMAE, said they expect more than 700 technical papers to be presented in twelve symposia, covering such subjects as offshore technology, materials technology, pipeline and riser technology, ocean engineering, polar and arctic sciences and technology, and offshore geotechnics.
Hydrock has also recently appointed highprofile specialists in Geotechnics and Materials, Geoenvironmental Consultancy, Operations Management and Remediation Business Management.
S4 - session 4 - Optimization of structures and New Computation Methods s5 - session 5 - Geotechnics
Harry Poulos, Senior Principal, Coffey Geotechnics, and Professor,University of Sydney, describes these conferences as "excellent events, wellorganized, with good speakers on relevant topics".
Larkin's expertise in geotechnics complements the team's existing strengths in geoscience, metocean, hydrodynamics, water quality and ecology.