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Durrell, Gerald Malcolm


Born Jan. 7, 1925, in Jamshedpur, India. English zoologist and writer.

In 1958, Durrell founded a zoological park for endangered animals on the island of Jersey, one of the islands in the English Channel. (Since 1964, the park has been administered by the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust.) An organizer and leader of expeditions to collect animals for zoological parks, he has made trips to Africa (Cameroon, 1947–48, 1949–50, 1957) and South America (Argentina and Paraguay, 1953–54; Argentina, 1958–59). He has also led expeditions to Mexico (1968) and Australia and New Zealand (1969–70).

Durrell has written more than 20 books, primarily about animals; he first appeared in print with The Overloaded Ark (1953; Russian translation, 1958). Among his other books are The Drunken Forest (1956; Russian translation, 1963), A Zoo in My Luggage (1960; Russian translation, 1968), Two in the Bush (1966; Russian translation, 1968), and Menagerie Manor (1964; Russian translation, 1968).

Durrell’s books have enjoyed popularity in many countries owing to his scientific accuracy, his entertaining descriptions of the life, behavior, and habitats of animals, and his appeals for humane treatment of all living things on earth.

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That would be My Family And Other Animals by Gerald Durrell.
The magnificent animals are also breeding on the island and tiny babies are regularly taken from Ile aux Aigrettes to the Gerald Durrell Endemic Wildlife Sanctuary (GDEWS) in the southwest region of Mauritius, where they are reared until their release back into the wild.
It was the genuine love for the country and its people and animals - as well the warmth and honesty of the narrative - that won me over A ZOO IN MY LUGGAGE Gerald Durrell In the 1950s, Gerald Durrell and his wife went to the former British colony of Cameroon to collect animals for a zoo in the UK.
One of the world's most prominent campaigners against extinction was the naturalist Gerald Durrell, whose eponymous zoo is a tribute to his crusading conservation efforts.
Like a modern-day Gerald Durrell, Duncan has the ability to inform and entertain at the same time -- so it's probably no surprise that in his 'real' life he's a teacher.
Andy Rouse, who has won awards including BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Species, has put together a 96-page book on the little owl, which is common on the Welsh borders, although its numbers are declining.
One of the world's most prominent campaigners against extinction was the naturalist Gerald Durrell, whose eponymous zoo (with its dodo logo) is a tribute to his crusading conservation efforts.
Fauna & Family: More Durell Family Adventures on Corfu" is a collection of memoir from Gerald Durrell as he recollects his childhood, with a focus on family and the local people who made up his youth.
I saw a duck the other day" would not take me into the Gerald Durrell class of commentators on the natural world.
A visit to Jersey wouldn't be complete without a stop at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, founded by Gerald Durrell (of My Family and Other Animals fame).
It is a very exciting discovery and we decided to honour our founder, the world-renowned conservationist Gerald Durrell, by naming this new species after him.