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c.945–1003, pope (999–1003), a Frenchman (b. Auvergne) named Gerbert; successor of Gregory V. In his youth he studied at Muslim schools in Spain and became learned in mathematics and astronomy.
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After thinking for a few moments, Erbert and Gerbert looked at each other, smiled and said in unison, "Sweet.
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Gerbert also notes the installation of this new undersea fiber optic cable moves the company from a legacy telephone company to an integrated telecom solutions provider.
It was a northerner after all, the twelfth-century English monk William of Malmesbury, who thought up Gerbert of Aurillac's pact with the devil, and several northern chroniclers pictured Toledo as a centre of black magic.
Gerbert, Scriptores ecclesiastici de musica sacra potissimum, 1 (St.
Instead of using charters, historical chronicles, and royal and aristocratic account books which are the usual fare for social history in the Middle Ages, the author investigates the romances of two minor trouveres, Jean Renart and Gerbert de Montreuil, in order to explore the lives and habits of French nobles.
Klimt's Women edited by Gerbert Frodl and Tobias G Natter (Yale: pounds 35) is a sumptuous illustrated study of the artist and of all the facets of his life, discussing how Klimt (1862-1918) completely changed the concept of the portrait by presenting his beautiful women as be-jewelled, gilded icons in paintings which shimmer like the interiors of Byzantine churches.
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She also discusses cases of intelligent scribal editing (possibly by Gerbert himself) in the Second Continuation.
66) See Burris, supra note 65, at 18-39 (reporting perceived discrimination by HIV-positive patients); Barbara Gerbert et al.
Tachell Gerbert and Bradley Gregory, who are on the faculty at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, will perform selections by Mozart, Francis Poulenc, Franz Schubert and other composers.
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