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see Sylvester IISylvester II,
c.945–1003, pope (999–1003), a Frenchman (b. Auvergne) named Gerbert; successor of Gregory V. In his youth he studied at Muslim schools in Spain and became learned in mathematics and astronomy.
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3 Which pope, originally Gerbert Aurillac, is credited with introducing Arabic numerals to Europe?
Indeed, there are at least four other medieval European natural philosophers and alchemists who are associated in popular legend with the construction of automata--especially artificial humanoids: Gerbert of Aurillac (who later became Pope Sylvester II), Albertus Magnus, William of Auvergne, and Robert Grosseteste.
Posteriormente se separaron en frascos de 700 ml de capacidad llenos con 250 ml de agua declorada hasta la emergencia del adulto; estos se liberaron en jaulas de cria tipo gerbert de 30,5 x 30,5 x 30,5 cm.
VTB plans to keep on reducing provision charges in 2011, bank deputy board chairman, Gerbert Moos said.
Gerbert B, Maguire BT, Bleecker T, Coates TJ, McPhee SJ.
Schwarz EB, Gerbert B and Gonzales R, Need for emergency contraception in urgent care settings, Contraception, 2007, 75(4):285-288.
Padre Giovanni Battista Martini made a copy (now in the Civico Museo, Bologna) of parts of the manuscript that served as an exemplar for both Martin Gerbert and Edmond de Coussemaker.
Tanto que uno de los mejores cientificos del siglo X, Gerbert de Aurillac, no sabia que hacer con los numeros de la India cuando los vio en los textos arabes.
A ruling triumvirate, overseen by a supervisory board of public officials and individual directors, is charged with keeping that motor humming: Rabl-Stadler, Intendant Jurgen Flimm (effectively the festival's Artistic Director) and Chief Financial Officer Gerbert Schwaighofer.
In a terse press release, Morris announced the hiring as well of Neal, Gerbert & Eisenberg LLP, a law firm with a well-regarded bankruptcy practice.
At $175 million, this new connection is one of largest telecom infrastructure projects in the last decade--not only in Alaska, but also across the United States, says Steve Gerbert, ACS director of project management.
It is hard to gauge which theorists' writings will be available in full text: works by Praetorius, Tinctoris, De Vitry, Martin Gerbert, and Riemann appear in full text, while works by Zarlino, Pietro Aaron, Virdung, Schenker, and Schoenberg are only partially or not at all viewable.