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German South-West Africa:

see NamibiaNamibia
, officially Republic of Namibia, republic (2005 est. pop. 2,031,000), c.318,000 sq mi (823,620 sq km), SW Africa. It is bordered by Angola in the north, by Zambia in the northeast, by Botswana in the east, by South Africa in the southeast and south, and by the Atlantic
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Grandfather Wackwitz also served as an officer in Galicia and Flanders in World War I, was a pastor in German Southwest Africa in the 1930s, and in the 1940s was Church Superintendent in the Brandenburg town of Luckenwalde, where Rudi Dutschke grew up.
Specifically, this article argues that in German Southwest Africa not
to fulfill this masculine ideal in German Southwest Africa were men who
Writing between 1900 and the First World War, colonial memoirists such as Clara Brockmann, Margarethe von Eckenbrecher, Helene yon Falkenhausen, and Else Sonnenberg portrayed themselves as brave, hard-working individuals thriving in the colonial setting--an image that may have contributed to the surge in female emigration to German Southwest Africa (today Namibia) between 1908 and 1914.
Once known as German Southwest Africa, Namibia occupies a sprawling expanse of open country between the desolate shores of the south Atlantic and the heart of the vast Kalahari Desert.
BEGINNING A CENTURY AGO in December 1903, Herero mixes history (almost all characters are real people) and fiction (apart from one diary, their precise movements and private thoughts are unknown) as it follows the German cartographer Carl Ettmann's arrival in German Southwest Africa, as Namibia was then known.
8) (2)--and quickly move into the splendid panelled hall in which the assembled members of that distinguished society celebrate the achievements of one of them: Alfred Froben, son of a senator and hence from a distinguished merchant family, has recently returned from his travels around the world, which had led him to survey Portuguese Guinea, the Sudan, the former German colonies in Africa (Togo, Cameroon, German Southwest Africa, and German East Africa), the Belgian Congo, Ceylon, Singapore, and the Philippines, before arriving in Japan, Germany's ally in World War II.

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