Deutscher Werkbund

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Deutscher Werkbund


(German Association of Craftsmen), an organization of architects, artisans, and industrialists founded in Munich in 1907 for the purpose of reorganizing the building trades and the artistic crafts on a modern industrial basis. H. Muthesius, H. K. van de Velde, T. Fischer, F. Schumacher, R. Riemerschmid, F. Naumann, and K. E. Osthaus were among the founders of the Deutscher Werkbund. P. Behrens, W. Gropius, L. Mies van der Rohe, H. Poelzig, B. Taut, J. Hoffmann, and Le Corbusier were associated with the organization.

When designing models for mass production (utensils, furniture, fabrics, compartments in railroad cars, steamship cabins, and interiors of motor vehicles), the members of the Werkbund tried to give them simple, purposeful, and functionally justified forms. The members also designed the interiors of buildings. The Deutscher Werkbund’s largest exhibits (Cologne, 1914; Stuttgart, 1927) greatly influenced international industrial art. The organization published the Jahrbuch des Deutschen Werkbundes (1912–22) and the journal Die Form (1925–33). In 1933 the Werkbund was dissolved by the fascists; it was reestablished in Düsseldorf in 1947.


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Sweden has an admirable record of mounting regular housing exhibitions - the built sort, not dreary product shows in eye-dulling, nose-stuffing exhibition halls, but permanent buildings put up to show what the future might be like as the German Werkbund did in the early decades of the twentieth century.
Schwartz, lecturer in art history at University College, London, has targeted the German debate on artistic value sponsored by the German Werkbund in the decade preceding the First World War.
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