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residential section of NW Philadelphia. Settled by Dutch and Germans in 1683, Germantown became one of the earliest printing and publishing centers in the country. When the British occupied Philadelphia during the American Revolution, the greater part of their army encamped at Germantown. George Washington's forces unsuccessfully attacked the camp on Oct. 4, 1777, in the last important engagement conducted by Washington before he took the army to Valley Forge for the winter. In 1854, Germantown was annexed to Philadelphia. The Howe House and other colonial houses, inns, and churches still stand.
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Germantown is known for its historic downtown area and the unique wagon-wheel design of its alley system.
Vern Virgil Benke hosted a rehearsal dinner in honor of the wedding party at The Butcher Shop in Germantown, Tennessee.
The company is relocating senior analytical staff to Germantown from York, and hiring new staff in Maryland.
Desirable office and retail space--desirable not only for the opportunities of serving the Germantown market population but also for the visual attractiveness, convenience, and sense of safety and security that appeals to customers from within and beyond Germantown.
The success of that mission is embodied in sisters Jessie and Helen Harper, residents at NewCourtland's Germantown Home facility.
Department of Energy, Office of Science, Grants and Contracts Division, SC-64, 19901 Germantown Road, Germantown, Maryland 20874-1290, ATTN: Program Notice 01-10.
Williams opened her first ballet school in 1952 in the Germantown section of Philadelphia.
9534 Ash Grove Cove is located in the city of Germantown in the 38139 zip code.
com)-- Philadelphia-based inRecruit is excited to announce that Germantown Academy (PA) has joined the inRecruit sports networking platform.
Monday, October 17, 2016, at Germantown City Hall Courtroom/Chamber, 1930 S.